3 Levels Of Roof Repair Urgency

Your roofing is the only thing standing between the weather and the interior and contents of your home – and for that reason, all roof repairs are urgent to one degree or another. Nonetheless, it is obvious that not all roof problems are equally urgent. Knowing the difference between the various levels of roof repair urgency and taking action within an appropriate amount of time can prevent costly damage to your home and further deterioration of your roof.
Emergency Roof Repair Situations
The numerous types of damage that can be caused by unattended roof leaks means that a leaking roof is a true emergency and should be treated as such. An extremely slow leak that is doing minimal damage might be an exception, but even then, you should get the issue addressed within a few days’ time.

Roof repairs can’t be made during a rainstorm or wind storm, but as soon as the inclement weather breaks, you want immediate attention to be given to the problem. The best local roofing contractors will offer emergency roof repair scheduling that often lets you get your leak stopped within 24 hours or less.

If a tree or other heavy object has smashed into your roof, then that is an even bigger emergency. It may require immediate removal of the object stuck in your roof deck, a temporary covering to the damaged area, and then a full and permanent repair that commences as soon as possible (but might take multiple days to complete.)

Urgent To Semi-urgent Roof Repairs
If your roof is not actually leaking or opened up to the weather, but you notice some other problems with it, you probably wouldn’t call that an emergency. But it will still be an urgent to semi-urgent repair need.

Let’s say that some shingles have blown off but you don’t yet have a leak. Or maybe you notice asphalt shingles that are badly curled back due to wind or heat exposure.

Another example might be hail damage that has left dimples on large portions of your roof – a professional roof inspection will have to determine if the shingles can be saved or if their strength and durability has been compromised. Waiting days or even a week or two might be acceptable for some of these situations – but wait too long, and your roof could be challenged by a storm it’s not ready for.

When To Utilize “Strategic Delay”
Finally, there are some situations where temporary patches and coverings for current roof issues make sense. For example, you might be getting ready to install solar panels on your roof or invest in full roof replacement.

If it is not an emergency and you are about to have your whole roof worked on anyway – it may make sense to use “strategic delay tactics” to time all the work to be done at once. That will save you some money and make scheduling more convenient.

Whenever you have a roof repair need, you need to assess what level of urgency that repair involves so you can act appropriately and not put your home and roof at undue risk. For help in making these kinds of decisions, or for a free roof repair or replacement quote, contact Sheegog Contracting in Central Florida today!


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