3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Roof Inspected By a Local Roofing Contractor

Here in Florida, a sound roof is essential to a safe home.

In Central Florida and around the Sunshine State, residential roofs stand up to more punishment than they do virtually anywhere else. No matter whether it’s shingle, metal, or tile, the roof needs to stand up to wind and rain like many other places will never see.

A regular roof inspection helps you make sure the roof is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

The whole goal of a roof inspection is to get more years of reliable service out of your roof. That’s a big deal here in Central Florida, because high heat and heavy rain will often age roofs before their time. While some roofing manufacturers claim their products will work for 30 years, it is always better to plan for 20.

And that 20 is possible only when your roof gets regular maintenance.

In the long run, a roofing inspection is a key step to putting off Florida roof replacement as long as possible.

If you type in “roofing contractor near me,” you’ll find plenty of options. Most of them are legitimate – but which is the best? For our money, a local roofing contractor founded in your area wins hands down over a large regional or national brand. With local service, you can count on the results you get.

Don’t be tempted to put off a roof inspection or wait for just the right time to get it done.

As with so many other home maintenance issues, it’s easy to end up putting it off for weeks, then months. But few other tasks you might do around the home have the same stakes as the roof inspection, which may save you thousands and keep you safer.

Let’s consider three big reasons you should get your roof inspected by a trusted local roofing contractor:

1. Getting Your Roof Inspected Early Is Your Biggest Safeguard Against Storm Season

Storm season is inevitable. The question is, are you ready?

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from the beginning of June all the way to the end of November. The best time to get your Central Florida roof inspection is no later than mid-May. This gives you the time you need to make any necessary repairs, such as replacement of damaged shingles.

Even if you don’t have any visible roof damage, you should still get a roof inspection.

Roof damage can accumulate quietly over time, especially with a shingle roof. You might not see any signs of wear and tear on the outside, but shingles could be ready to give way at the first sign of rain or wind. Knowing that, it is wise to plan for an annual roof inspection when you have a Florida shingle roof.

Cracked, chipped, warped, or bruised shingles all represent weak spots water can penetrate easily.

Your roof system includes not only the top layer of shingles, but all the layers of the roof, the attic, and your insulation. If the attic is not properly ventilated, heat and pressure can “bake” shingles from underneath even though they will look like they are still structurally sound. Only a local Florida roofer can tell for sure.

Untreated shingle damage leaves the waterproof membrane beneath the shingles exposed to harm. If this “underlayment” gets saturated, it is only a matter of time before you are dealing with severe water damage to the structural elements of your home. A storm can turn a minor repair into a full Florida roof replacement in minutes.

Plus, your roof inspector can let you know where you stand on Florida wind mitigation.

Here in Central Florida, we don’t have to worry about the high gusts and storm surges that homeowners get on the coast. Storm fronts will often weaken considerably as they pass over land before reaching us. Still, high winds bring with them a significant risk of roof uplift with an older, lighter shingle roof.

In the past, it has not been unusual for owners of metal or tile roofs to get fewer roof inspections. It is often safe for residential metal roofing to be inspected every other year, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you have not had an inspection done recently, the best time to do so is now.

Once the skies are dark, it may be too late.

Florida has had some lucky years in the recent past where hurricane activity has been stayed from our shores. Still, that doesn’t mean the hurricane seasons have been any lighter. Anyone who has seen the “Cone of Uncertainty” on TV weather reports knows you can never tell when a storm might make a sharp turn.

With that in mind, don’t put off a Florida roof inspection.

By getting it done early, you make sure you can get on the schedule for a local roofer you trust and get any work done well in advance. Consider that it might be only a few hundred dollars for a minor roof repair versus many thousands if you end up needing an all-new roof – not to mention the cost of stubborn indoor water damage.

Luckily, the worst can be avoided by taking the right steps now.

2. Roof Inspections Give You Greater Freedom In Making Decisions About Your House

Since the average life of a Florida shingle roof is about 20 years, it poses some big questions for homeowners.

In short, if the previous owner did not replace the roof, you are much more likely to end up doing it.

But that reality is not set in stone. If you take a proactive approach to Florida roof maintenance, you can still extend the life of your roof by many years. That may give you the opportunity to time roof replacements based on your own needs instead of having to do it in an emergency.

A roof inspection gives you the information you need to make your life much easier.

It will help you out no matter what your goals are for your Florida home:

You Will Be Able to Sell Your Home More Easily When Your Roof Is in Good Condition

Central Florida properties are in demand. It’s not just about beachside retreats or lake frontage anymore!

As the weather gets more unpredictable, people who are looking for a taste of the Florida lifestyle are more likely to turn their attention toward inland properties. Those notorious “snowbirds” who come down to Florida every year are increasingly thinking about a warm, relaxing retirement miles from the coast.

Nobody can predict how the housing market will play out, of course, but one thing is for certain: Problems with the roof are among the biggest issues any savvy buyer watches out for. When roofing problems are disclosed in a home inspection, it immediately casts doubt on the rest of the home, even if the issue is easy to solve.

Nor can Central Florida sellers expect to make the process easier by selling “as-is.”

Buyers often look at such properties as if they must have something wrong with them.

What’s more, most people who are buying a home through a traditional mortgage lender are required to have an inspection report on file. It is simply not an option for them to skip it, since the lender requires it. Sooner or later, any concerns about the roof are sure to be out in the open for both sides.

A roof inspection will give you a leg up on any dilemmas caused by the natural aging of your roof.

A repair job now is always less expensive than an all-new roof later. But even if you do find that you need a new roof, it is better to have that information early. You may be able to save on replacement costs by selecting materials that meet buyers’ needs today without having to worry about decades of longevity down the line.

You Will Find It Easier to Pass a Home Down Through the Family With a Sound Roof

Keeping a home in the family means making sure there’s a safe roof overhead!

The roof of any home is often “out of sight, out of mind.” But when it’s time to decide what to do with your property in the long run, it’s always best to be sure everything up there is working the way it should. A good Florida roofing inspection is thorough, so you know exactly how much time the roof is likely to have.

Even if you are passing down a home within the family, transferring ownership often means that it will need to meet certain new construction standards – remember Florida’s robust building codes. The older the home is, the more likely it is that the roof has issues that need to be addressed. It all starts with an inspection.

When a building has been around for a long time, it gets harder and harder to keep track of important records, like the warranties and guarantees on the roof. An inspection clears the air. You don’t have to rely on guessing to know what materials were used, what brand they are, and what safety features were included.

That peace of mind is worth it when your children or grandchildren are involved!

You Can Reduce the Overall Cost of Home Ownership By Keeping Your Roof Secure

Any Florida homeowner knows that the upkeep on a house is far from free!

Of all the different parts of your building, the roof makes one of the biggest contributions to its soundness and security. In fact, the roof is the biggest factor in whether you experience a well-regulated indoor heat cycle – the kind that keeps your interiors cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The idea is very simple.

Under normal conditions, warmer air should rise and escape from the home. If the hot air is stifled and gets stuck in the upper reaches of the house, it has a major effect on the indoor environment. The air conditioning has to work even harder to reach your desired temperature, which can cost hundreds of dollars each month.

Several different kinds of damage to your roof can contribute to this issue. Homeowners often have no idea that it’s happening, and may look in the wrong places – such as their HVAC system or their large electronics – to get to the root of the issue. But here in Central Florida, the roof should always be looked at first.

During a roof inspection, your Central Florida roofer can also check the attic. The two are closely related and one can indicate problems with the other. For example, rotten insulation might be dissolved by water damage that indicates a small leak. Over time, this kind of tiny leak can really wreak havoc on the home.

All in all, a roof inspection is a major step toward an efficient and less costly home.

3. A Roof Inspection from a Local Roofing Contractor Will Ultimately Save You Money

When you look for a “roofing contractor near me,” don’t think of it as an expense you’d rather avoid. The truth is, it’s an opportunity. A roof inspection is a small investment, but it could mean saving thousands over the whole lifetime of the home. That’s a much smarter deal than spending less and trusting a DIY-er for the job.

A Trustworthy Local Roofer Will Stand Behind All Work Performed on Your Roof

There are two major kinds of documentation for a Central Florida roof: The warranty and the guarantee.

  • Warranty: The warranty is provided by the manufacturer and covers defects of the roofing materials
  • Guarantee: The guarantee is provided by the roofer and covers problems like installation mistakes

When local roofers really believe in what they’re doing, they have no problem offering a guarantee. It doesn’t mean that something will go wrong. Instead, it means that a costly issue is so rare that they’re willing to stake time, money, and their reputation on making it right. This is one mark of an excellent roofer.

A Local Central Florida Roofing Contractor Can Use the Best Materials Available

When roofers has a long and trusted history in the community, it means they can build strong relationships with the best manufacturers. Premium quality roofing materials are available at a substantial discount. They pass that savings onto you, helping you get superior value all around.

Solo roofers and those who are new to the industry have two big problems:

  • They don’t have the proven history of excellence that leads to deep manufacturer discounts
  • They haven’t yet learned the art of pricing a big project, leading to corner-cutting or overruns

You don’t want to be in a situation where your options are pay too much or pay too little. In the long run, that “great deal” on roofing evaporates when you have to get the work fixed by someone else. A local, established roofer is the #1 choice here in Central Florida.

Which brings us to another point …

Your Roofing Contractor Is Your First Line of Defense Against Florida Roofing Scams

Sad, but true: Roofing scams are extremely common here in Florida.

Whenever a big storm hits, you will find scammers going door to door looking for victims. They are especially keen to persuade older homeowners that they can get the job done faster and cheaper by accepting payment in cash. The cash then disappears along with the so-called roofer. The work never gets done.

Don’t let anyone hassle you or give you a hard time when it comes to roofing. A real local roofer will give you the roof inspection you need with safety built into the process for you.

When It’s Time for a Central Florida Roof Inspection, Call Sheegog Contracting

No matter what kind of roof you’ve got, you need a roof inspection in Central Florida. With Sheegog, you can take a break from the never-ending search for the right “roofing contractor near me.” Instead, you can make the call with confidence. Our dedicated roofing team will be on your side now and in the future.

To learn more or get started, contact us today. We look forward to helping you soon.


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