5 Key Decisions That Accompany Roof Replacement

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to deciding it’s time for full roof replacement for your home. But the fact is, there are other decisions that accompany replacing your old shingles so that when you’ve made the decision to invest in new roofing, your decision-making has only just begun.
Here are five key decisions that need to be made when you’re getting a new roof that will affect the quality and cost of the project:

1. Deciding On A Roofing Material
There is greater variety among roofing materials today than has ever been the case before. Metal sheet roofing, cedar or redwood shakes, slate, clay tiles, and modern thermoplastics each have their pros and cons.

Most people, however, still stick with asphalt shingles for their roofing, both because it is more affordable and because it is a highly practical, weather-resistant option. But even here, you have to decide between three-tab and architectural asphalt shingles and weigh the costs/benefits of each brand and grade.

2. Selecting A Color & Style
Remember that 40% or more of your home’s exterior surface is on your roof. Up close, the roof doesn’t get seen as much, but even from a short distance, it has a dramatic effect on the way your building looks.

Take time to match or complement the siding and trim color with your roofing color and style. Also, choose colors that blend into your surroundings – like earthy tones in wooded areas or a color that is common in your immediate neighborhood. Use lighter colors to reduce heat absorption and save on energy bills during the hot Florida summers.

3. Making Other Improvements
You can save time, money, and stress by getting multiple home improvement projects all done at once – especially if they are related. For example, why not install solar panels while doing roof replacement? Many contractors can handle both projects.

Or why not insulate and ventilate your attic while getting new roofing? Shingles that absorb less heat, higher R-value insulation, new attic fans and vents, and a radiant barrier can combine to greatly lower your monthly energy bills.

4. Timing Roof Replacement Right
The sooner you replace your old shingles, the sooner your home is better protected. If your roofing’s warranty has expired or is about to, it makes sense to move fast. If your roof was already feeling its age and has just suffered storm damage, you could save a roof repair bill by just doing roof replacement now.

Sometimes, you can get a discount by having your roof reshingled at off-season times. You definitely want to avoid spells of bad weather during the project – so check the forecasts. For roofing emergencies, you can get immediate help for sure; otherwise, call early so you can get the most flexible scheduling possible.

5. Choosing A Top-tier Contractor
To get a high-quality roofing job, you first have to locate a top-tier roofer. It’s as simple as that. Local is best – and be sure to check reviews that reflect a contractor’s local reputation across years or even decades.

Check BBB and other industry ratings. Peruse a gallery of the contractor’s past work. And don’t be afraid to ask each prospect pertinent questions about their level of experience and their offered services.

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