5 Key Factors When Selecting New Roofing Material

Whether you are building a new home, re-roofing your current abode, or getting new roofing for an addition, you need to take the time to select the very best roofing material for your home.
Which type of shingle is best may vary based on building type, geographic location, personal preferences, and other factors. Asphalt shingles are focused on here because they are the most common type, but some of the same principles apply to other types of roofing material.

1. Fire, Wind, & Water Resistance
Basic toughness is a key factor when choosing your future roof. Look for a Class A fire-resistance rating for added safety and a possible discount on your homeowners’ insurance. Be sure to opt for shingles that firmly seal to each other to form a formidable water barrier and that can stand up to the Florida heat.

In Central Florida, perhaps, the most important rating is the wind resistance rating. Ask your installation expert (who will also be a shingle evaluation expert!) which types and brands of shingle fare the best in wind storms, tornados, and hurricanes.

2. Algae Growth Resistance
If your home is located near the coast or any body of saltwater, look for shingles specially designed to resist salt corrosion and algae growth. The streaks caused by blue-green algae on your rooftop can ruin the look of your house.

General moisture, humidity, mold/mildew, and plant-growth resistance are also important. But shingles with high algae-growth resistance ratings will also tend to do well on these other issues.

3. Energy Efficiency
High-grade shingle material will create a better heat-transfer barrier. And the color of your shingles is also important. Darker tones will absorb the heat, while lighter colors will reflect more of it.

Upgrading your attic as to ventilation and insulation will combine with good roof material to reduce energy costs. And using quality felt underlayment on your roof deck and a radiant barrier below it will also help.

4. Cost, Maintenance, & Durability
The initial cost of materials and installation, maintenance needs over the years, and the longevity of your chosen shingle-type must also be taken into account. A good warranty and a long shingle life expectancy indicate quality material. And higher initial costs may pay you back in the end.

But whatever you decide on, be sure you understand how to calculate the cost – 100 square feet is a “roofing square.” Multiply the length and width of each roof surface section and add up the square footage (plus 10% to cover waste), then divide by 100 and multiply by the cost per square offered by your local contractor.

5. Curb Appeal & Style
Roofing is a personal thing. There are many brands, styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. The biggest decision, however, will be between three-tab shingles and dimensional (architectural) shingles, which add curb appeal but cost a bit more.

Also, you want your roof color to either match or pleasantly contrast with the trim and main wall coloration on your building. It should fit in and add to the ambiance rather than distract from it.

Whatever your specific roofing project, you want the highest quality of shingle possible that still fits into your budget. You also want a shingle that’s a good match to your particular building and geography. Contact Sheegog Contracting today for additional help in shingle selection and a free, no-obligation installation quote!


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