5 Key Motivations For Roof Replacement

Putting on new roofing – as in full roof replacement, is one of the most common and most important of all home improvement projects. That said, there are many different reasons why different homeowners decide on getting a brand new roof installed.

Of course, there may be more than one motivation factoring into any particular decision you make, including the decision that it’s time to take off the old roofing and put on the new.

Here are five of the most common motivations that move people to finally order that new roof:

1. Storm Damage Requires Roof Replacement

It’s no secret that Florida can have some rather severe weather now and again. It may be that a recent storm – be it hurricane, tornado, or “ordinary” severe thunderstorm, has caused extensive and intensive damage to your roofing.

The most common and most crucial home restoration repair job is roof replacement. After all, a home without a well functioning roof atop it may not even be livable, and any other interior repairs you make before fixing the roof could be in danger of water damage.

Don’t trust those fly-by-night companies that suddenly show up in your neighborhood just after a major storm, going door to door. Far better to take the initiative yourself and contact a local, trusted roofing contractor with a long track record and a sterling reputation.

2. Aged Roofing Is Costing You Money

No matter how well you work to maintain your roofing, sooner or later it ages and starts to require too-frequent repairs. If you are getting a new roof leak or other roofing repair 2 to 3 or more times every single year, it may be time to think about roof replacement.

Good roofing can last 20 to 30 years or more, depending on the brand, type, and the level of TLC it receives during its useful lifespan. But pushing roofing past the point where you can safely rely on it or past its manufacturer’s warranty could be a losing proposition.

When roofing is on its last leg, it can cost too much to repair, cause damage to other parts of your home, and risk disqualification for coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy. That’s why, while you don’t want to replace a perfectly good roof, you don’t want to make the mistake of waiting too long on roof replacement either.

3. A Desire for Increased Curb Appeal

Sometimes, you just want to give your home a “makeover” or a “facelift,” as they say to help it look its best all over again. Increased curb appeal is certainly one of the main benefits of new roofing.

It may seem like a purely aesthetic motivation is unimportant, but not really. After all, no one wants to be staring at an eyesore every time they see their home or its roof. Keeping your building looking its best is a significant part of being a concerned homeowner (and protecting your investment in your home as well.)

4. You Want To Save on Energy

With the price of electricity and natural gas always seemingly on the rise, it’s no wonder if Florida homeowners are looking for ways to cut down their energy bills.

Installing solar panels on your roof is one way to approach the problem. You can also put in more or better insulation, eliminate air leaks around your building’s openings, install more efficient windows, or buy a newer furnace or air conditioner.

But don’t overlook the fact that roof replacement can also help boost your home’s overall energy efficiency level!

5. You’re Planning On Moving Soon

One of the most common motivations for roof replacement is actually the fact that a homeowner is planning on relocating soon. Getting new roofing to enjoy it yourself is certainly worthwhile, but it’s just as important to add a new roof to a listed home’s positive features.

The fact is, new roofing or roof repairs almost always pay for themselves (or more than pay for themselves) when you are trying to sell a home. That’s because it makes properties sell higher and spend less time on the market. There are many potential buyers who simply don’t want the hassle of having to handle roof replacement themselves immediately after moving into their new home.

Undoubtedly, there are many other motivating factors that lead people to opt for roof replacement sooner rather than later. These five are among the most common and most important, but they certainly do not exhaust all the benefits to be gained from roof replacement.
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