5 Reasons To Avoid DIY Roof Repair

The only alternative to roof repairs is to invite roof leaks and further deterioration of your roofing. When a roof repair need arises, it’s not the kind of project you can afford to delay. But trying to fix roof problems on your own carries a lot of risks and drawbacks.
Here are 5 reasons why it might be better to avoid the DIY method and call in a professional roofing contractor:

1. The Risk Of Injuring Yourself
If you aren’t comfortable with heights or with walking on a sloped surface, then roof work is not for you. Walking safely on a rooftop is a skill you develop over time when you do it for a living, but serious injury or even death can result if you fall off the roof.

Additionally, you have to be comfortable working off a ladder, alert to avoid power lines, and (in some cases) able to safely use nail guns and other potentially dangerous tools.

2. Leaks Can Be Hard To Find / Stop
It may be easy enough to spot where a leak is dripping or pouring through the ceiling into your home’s interior, but finding its exact location on the roof is another matter.

Roofers have deep experience at deciphering the signs that point to where the roof leak is likely located. They know which areas are particularly prone to leaks, what causes them, and how to stop them. Nothing can be more frustrating than thinking you fixed it only to watch the leak start up again next time it rains.

3. You Could Damage Your Roof
Sadly, it is all too easy to do more harm than good to your roof for the lack of sufficient roofing experience. For example, walking on a hot roof often will damage the shingles. Or, you might put a nail in the wrong spot and cause a leak.

Working on a roof problem without a full understanding of how the full roofing system works may actually end up making the roof damage worse.

4. You May Void The Roof’s Warranty
If you do cause damage to a roof you are trying to repair or fail to do the roof repair in a particular fashion, it is possible that the manufacturer’s warranty on your roofing could be voided as a result.

That’s obviously not a risk you want to take. But pro contractors know exactly how to protect roofing warranties because they have to deal with them every day.

5. You Could Actually Lose Money
Presumably, saving a dollar is what motivates one to try their hand at roof repairs. But there are some ways that it could actually lose you money. For example, your homeowners insurance probably won’t cover DIY roof repairs. And you could lose out on potential tax deductions. If you fail to protect the value of your home if repairs work isn’t done properly.

Not having to take time out of your busy schedule or take time off work (thus reducing your income) are additional benefits to professional roofing, as is simply avoiding the hassle of having to do it yourself. We could certainly add many more reasons to rely on a trusted contractor to promptly handle all roof repair needs, but these 5 are at the top of the list.

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