5 Steps To Follow In Deciding On Roof Replacement

Having new roofing installed is a major decision, and it’s not always obvious whether or not it’s time to make the move. There are risks of re-roofing too soon and of doing it too late, and you need to weigh multiple factors in order to locate that perfect timing.
The Dangers Of Re-roofing Too Soon Or Too Late
Timing is everything when it comes to deciding on roof replacement. You obviously don’t want to tear off perfectly good shingles or get less life span out of your old roofing than you ought to.

But letting old roofing remain beyond the ideal point can increase roof repair and maintenance costs, risk costly leaks that could damage your roof deck and your home’s interior, and hurt your home’s curb appeal between now and the time when you do replace your roofing.

A Quick 5-Step Process For Deciding On Roof Replacement
To help bring clarity to your roofing needs, approach the problem in an organized way. Ask yourself the key questions and run down the list of the most relevant factors in an orderly way to make the best possible decision.

Here is a helpful five-step process you can use in your decision-making process:

1. Know the age of your roof.
Most asphalt roofs last 20 to 30 years and have a warranty of around 25 years. Begin by finding out how long those shingles have been on your rooftop to get a general picture of how many more years (if any) you should expect out of them.

2. Assess your roofing’s current condition.
Every roof is a little different, so don’t assume you need to do a tear-off and roof replacement based on roofing age alone. Do a visual from the ground, and get a professional contractor to inspect your roof to assess its current actual condition.

3. Take stock of the likely costs.
You need to compare the costs of repairing your roof to those of replacing it – but not just the immediate costs. You need an estimate of how much it will cost to make the multiple repairs an older roof may need over the remainder of its life span.

4. Take into account your future plans.
Do you plan on listing your home in the near future? Then it makes sense to do roof replacement a little earlier because a new roof is one of the top selling points in the real estate market. Or maybe you want to install solar panels – why not re-roof your house at the same time?

5. Choose the ideal season.
In Florida, you want maximum protection against roof leaks as you head into hurricane and tropical storm season. That could mean scheduling roof repair for late spring or early summer. On the other hand, off-season jobs in the winter may qualify for a discount as opposed to the busy summer months. Ultimately, check the short-term weather forecast when choosing the exact timing for your new roof installation.

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