6 Signs It May Be Time For A New Roof

Maybe you’ve been having trouble with your roof of late? Or, perhaps, you need a major roof repair right now or are in the middle of a home renovation project? It could even be you are planning to list your home soon and relocate.
In any of these situations, it behooves you to make an informed and carefully thought out decision as to whether roof repair or roof replacement is the best option. Here are six things to look for when making the “diagnosis.”

1. A Dull, Worn-down Appearance
General wear and tear eventually takes its toll on any roof, which creates a definite lack of curb appeal – a veritable eyesore, on the top of your house.

In extreme cases, badly faded shingle coloration, shingles that have lost most of their granules (look for them in your gutters!), and a general worn-down appearance may be enough to merit a re-roofing job.

2. Roofing That Easily Moves, Bends, & Breaks
The next sign to look for, especially in The Sunshine State, is a roof ill-affected by long exposure to extreme heat. This, and other extreme and/or constant weather factors, can gradually weaken shingle strength over the years.

If you feel comfortable taking a walk on your rooftop, it will be easy to get an idea of the general condition of your roofing shingles. Otherwise, hire a local roofing contractor to do a professional roof inspection.

If shingles shift or wobble under your feet, easily tear, crack, or break, or are already visibly out of place (or missing at points) – you may need a new roof!

3. Major Leaks & Risks Of A Leak
You can just fix a roof leak without replacing any (much less all) shingles – most of the time. But when leaks persist despite multiple repairs on an older roof, roof replacement might be a better option.

If your flashing and roofing cement are damaged and letting water in, that can be remedied in a repair. It would take a larger repair to fix leaking roof valleys or to redo all the drip edge. In some cases, re-roofing may make more sense than just a major repair that keeps the old shingles.

4. Sagging Sections Of Roofing
If there are multiple sections of your roof where you notice sagging and depressions, it’s a sign that the underlying roof deck is deteriorating in those areas.

If a large amount of the roof deck (and thus the roofing) has to be taken up anyway, you might as well lay down new shingles too – unless, of course, your shingles are already very new.

5. Way Past Your Roof Material’s Warranty
At a certain point, you can’t realistically expect much more out of your roof. If the roof is way past its manufacturer’s warranty and the life expectancy for that particular material, it may be best not to “push it” too far. Waiting too long may result in a catastrophic roof leak or shingles blowing off – a safety and liability issue.

6. Repair Costs Rival Roof Replacement Cost
When the cost of continued repairs versus roof replacement are not much different, roof replacement becomes the more sensible option. After all, doing 3 to 5 years of roof repairs every 3 to 6 months adds up fast.

If you have a roof repair or roof replacement need – or aren’t sure which option is best in your situation, contact Sheegog Contracting today for a free quote and a roof inspection!


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