7 Dangers Of Delaying Roof Replacement Too Long

Your roofing is easily one of the most important components of your home as evidenced by the fact that without a proper water and weather barrier above, everything else in your house below would be exposed to constant danger. The risks incurred by having inadequate roofing on your building are many and potentially severe. And this underscores the importance of recognizing when it’s finally time to replace old roofing.

Roof replacement isn’t something you want to rush into without careful thought and planning, but neither is it something you can safely delay. Timing is everything when it comes to re-roofing your home since you must balance the need to get the most out of your old roofing with the need to prevent needless damage from waiting too long to put on new roofing.

Here are 7 risks and areas of concern that should motivate every homeowner to avoid waiting too long to take care of a roof-replacement need:

1. You Could Get A Major Roof Leak
The most obvious danger of waiting too long to replace old roofing is that it is more likely to spring a leak, which could wreak havoc on the interior of your home.

Some of the types of damage commonly caused by roof leaks include:

  • Roof deck damage, including roof rot.
  • Soaked attic insulation that loses R-value.
  • Mold and mildew growth inside your home.
  • Warped and destroyed drywall on ceilings and walls.
  • Bowed and ruined flooring material.
  • Damage to expensive furniture.
  • Soaked and ruined electronics – also a fire hazard.

The older and weaker your roof barrier, the more likely you will get hit with larger and more numerous roof leaks in a major storm. Given Florida weather patterns, the next storm may not be far around the corner.

2. Old Roofing Becomes A Liability Risk
Strong Floridian winds can rip off even new, well-installed roof shingles, but when roofing is already old and weak, blown off shingles are far more likely to become an issue. Loose shingles may also fall later on of their own weight, after dangling for days or weeks following a storm.

This creates a possibility of bodily injury should a shingle or nail sticking out of a ripped off shingle hurt someone. If anyone walks on your roof and weakly attached shingles slide beneath their feet and they fall, that’s another liability risk.

But there is also the “liability” of having to pay for new roofing 100% out of pocket because your homeowners’ insurance won’t cover it. It is not uncommon for claims to be denied when you wait too long to replace the roofing. It’s best to discuss the timing issue with your insurer to make sure this won’t become a surprise to you later on.

Finally, when roofing is past its manufacturer’s warranty, then you also lose the protection that the warranty could have provided and could face additional costs for that reason as well.

3. Delaying Roof Replacement Could Cost You More Money!
You need to carefully assess the cost of roof replacement in making a decision, but this cost must be compared to the costs of not re-roofing your home anytime soon.

As roofing ages, it begins to need repairs more and more frequently. Maintenance costs on an old roof may be so high that you are better off just putting on new shingles. And that doesn’t even count the expense of repairing damage caused by roof leaks.

Another aspect involves the overall value of your home. If you are going to list your home soon, a new roof will add to its value and fetch you a higher selling price. It can also mean a quicker sale and lower realtor fees.

Finally, re-roofing is often a great time to install solar panels on your roof. You can save money by doing roof replacement and solar installation at the same time – and then you start saving on energy bills each month. Plus, new roofing may boost the energy efficiency level of your home.

4. Old Roofing May Invite Rodents & Vermin
It is fairly common for older, more brittle roofing to deteriorate to the point that rodents, insects, and other undesirable “guests” can find a way through it into your attic.

Once an infestation gets started, it can be hard to put an end to it. And rodents can stain the wood in your attic with their feces and urine, while damaging insulation they are nesting in. From the attic, they can spread out to the rest of your building below.

While roof repairs and rodent-proofing your attic can help prevent these kinds of critters from getting in, new shingles and a full “roof makeover” can certainly help too.

5. Creating A Fire Hazard
One of the most devastating risks of avoiding a long-overdue roof replacement project is the possibility of creating a fire hazard.

Electrical issues that may exist in the wiring of your home could come into contact with water due to a roof leak. Cables and outlets may get wet and short circuit. Damaged breakers or electrical appliances could also start a fire.

Obviously, an electrical inspection is part of the solution if a fire hazard exists, but poor roofing can add to the mix and make that fire hazard even more hazardous.

6. Reducing Energy Efficiency
Heat rises, and that means that a building’s roof has a huge impact on its overall energy efficiency. Poor roofing tends to reduce a roof’s ability to hold heat in during the winter. (Poor ventilation would reduce the ability to get heat out during the summer months.)

But it’s not just having quality shingles on your roof, it’s also about what lies just below them – the roof deck. Over the years, moisture can get trapped between the shingles and roof deck and cause the wood to rot, warp, or mold. The felt underlayment may also eventually deteriorate. All of this reduces overall energy control.

Plus, roof leaks can cause attic insulation to clump, hold in water, or get compressed. That significantly reduces its ability to do its job – lowers its “R value.”

7. Premature Roof Failure
In the most extreme cases, long-delayed roof replacement could lead to premature roof failure. That might mean roof collapse during a storm. It could mean that rafters and roof decking are badly damaged because the shingles did not offer adequate protection. The costs of repairing all that damaged roof structure could be high. Far better to replace the roofing on time!

Roof replacement is no easy decision. After all, it’s a major home maintenance expense. But the costs and risks of delaying roof replacement too long far outweigh the necessary cost of installation. Plus, once a new roof is in place, it can be good for 20 to 30 years or more to come!

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