7 Elements Of A Positive Roof Repair Customer Experience

Roof repairs normally just can’t wait, and doing it yourself has many drawbacks. But how do you know which roofing contractor to trust to do the job right? When searching for a trustworthy local contractor to handle your roof repair, here are the 7 top legitimate customer demands you should have so you can enjoy a positive customer experience.
1. Prompt Response To Your Call
You need a roofing contractor you can reach when you need a roof repair without any serious delay or difficulty. You shouldn’t have to wait days on end to call or be unable to call outside normal business hours.

If you do need to leave a message, the company should get back to you as soon as possible – otherwise, there should be a prompt answer and response to your call for help.

2. Convenient Scheduling
Roofers are often busy – that’s understandable, especially in the busy summer months. But your roofer should still be willing to work with you to find a repair date that is convenient to you.

Additionally, in the case of emergency roofing needs, you want a company that can prioritize emergencies and schedule you in faster. When your roof is leaking or caving in, you can’t afford to sit around and wait.

3. Helpful and Friendly Customer Service
Friendly, human voices greeting you on the phone, followed by a willingness to patiently listen to your problem and make every effort to help greatly improves your customer experience.

Additionally, continued, timely communication if there are any changes of plan later on (perhaps, due to weather events) and a constantly open line of communication if the plan-changes are on your end – is critical.

4. Good Work Ethic
It’s not too much to expect your contractors to show up at the job on time and get right to work (instead of standing around talking and drinking coffee while your roof repair waits!)

Speedy, conscientious work is the reasonable standard you should demand. A great work ethic isn’t guaranteed with just any contractor, so be sure you use a roofing company with an impeccable local reputation.

5. Proper Materials Used
Any new roofing shingles or other materials used to make the roof repair should be high-quality, match your existing roofing materials, and be new and look great from the ground.

Using the proper materials is a mark of professionalism, helps make repairs more effective, and promotes good curb appeal.

6. Effective Roof Repair
Of course, the number one concern you have with roof repairs is that they are done correctly. Experienced roofers will know exactly what to do. They will know how to find leaks and eliminate them as well as how to restore shingles and flashing to their pre-storm condition.

The last thing you want is to experience a reoccurrence of the roof damage that you just had fixed. Choose a contractor with the tools and skills to minimize the chances of that ever happening.

7. Post-job Reassurance
Finally, the customer experience is only complete when the roofer explains to you exactly what he’s done and assured you the problem shouldn’t be a problem anymore. A few post-job tips on roof maintenance or leaving you with a card or magnet with the roofing company’s number on it is also a nice touch.

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