7 Top Reasons For Roof Replacement

Sometimes, all you need is a simple roof repair, but other times, there are signs that full roof replacement may be a better option. But how do you know it’s time? For Florida residents, here are the seven top reasons why it might be time to invest in new roofing.
1. Aging Roofing
All roofing materials eventually wear out as they face the elements and the natural weakening that comes with the passing of time. Many asphalt roofs can last 25 years or more, but beyond that limit, it might be wise to replace it just for the sake of mere age. If your have multiple layers of roofing on your house, you normally need to replace shingles in around 20 years.

2. Storm Damage
Florida gets hit with frequent hurricanes and tropical storms, tornadoes, and seasonal high winds and thunder or hail storms. When storm damage is sufficiently localized to one part of your roof or is scattered and light, a repair job may suffice. But more extensive damage may merit full roof replacement.

3. Curled Up Shingles
When heat, wind, and other factors have forced numerous shingles to buckle back or curl up, it may be impractical to just cherry pick the damaged shingles and replace them alone. Mold and moss growth may also be extensive. The fact is, it may be more cost-effective to just replace roofing in that kind of condition rather than repair it.

4. Worn Down Shingles
It may be you aren’t missing shingles or experiencing “curl up”, but yet, the roof looks bare and patchy at points. Look in the gutters, and you may discover that there are large amounts of granules piling up – that’s a sign that the roofing is simply too worn down to hold up much longer. Instead of waiting and risking water damage to the roof decking and to your home’s interior, it’s best to be proactive and act now.

5. Major Remodel Job
Once you are already at work upgrading the rest of your home or your business property, it may make sense to just go ahead and replace the roofing too while you’re at it. Perhaps, you want a new color to better match the rest of the remodel work (siding and trim). Or, you may be adding skylights, dormers, or solar panels anyway – so why do roof replacement a few years early?

6. Switching Roofing Materials
In some cases, the motivation for roof replacement may just be to upgrade to a tougher, longer lasting roofing material. Maybe you’re planning to go with a metal roof or tiles, for example, instead of asphalt shingles. Unless your roofing is extremely new, it may be worthwhile to make these changes even before the full life span of your current roofing is 100% expended.

7. Boost Resale Value
Finally, many homeowners opt to replace a roof when they are getting ready to list their home on the market. The added curb appeal and the ability to say “it has a brand new roof” do wonders for attracting buyers and getting a higher selling price.

If one or more of the above-listed 7 reasons for roof replacement applies to you, then it may be time to consider a re-roofing job. For a free quote for Central Florida residents, contact Sheegog Contracting today! We can examine your roof and help you understand your options.


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