7 Types Of Damage Caused By Roof Leaks

When your roof is leaking and you need a roof repair, you want to act as quickly as possible to stop the leak before it does more damage to your home. And it makes sense to rely on a professional, local contractor who knows how to find and fix leaks in a way that prevents a repeat.
We could probably list dozens of specific types of damage that a leaky roof can cause to your property, but these seven top problems should suffice to show the urgency of getting the repair done.

1. Damaged Ceilings
As water trickles through a cracked shingle, dislodged piece of flashing, or cracked bead of roofing cement, it inevitably makes its way to interior ceilings. Ceilings will begin to become discolored, stained, or even covered in mold or mildew. In a worst-case scenario, the ceiling tiles could become flimsy, break apart, and fall down to the floor.

2. Stained Walls
Rainwater entering your home may also run just behind or on top of drywall used in your walls. The wall will grow a dull gray over time due to a chemical discoloration. The problem here is exactly the same as with ceilings except it’s the walls this time.

3. Structural Damage
When water inflow is high or prolonged, wood rafters in your roof, roof decking, attic floor beams, walls studs, and other structural components of your house can be weakened. Over time, they may rot out or mold.

4. Insulation Damage
Another big problem caused by unchecked roof leaks is the destruction of insulation. This mostly happens with attic insulation, but it can also affect insulation in your ceilings and walls due to the “trickle down effect”. The insulation gets damp, moldy, and sometimes covered in black mold. It also loses its R-value and many need to be replaced.

5. Floor Damage
Floor beams and plywood, carpeting, and especially hardwood flooring also often take a hit when a timely roof repair doesn’t stop a leak in time. Floors habitually soaked with rainwater may become uneven or sag. Additionally, slippery floors are a slip and fall hazard that could put you in the hospital.

6. Personal Property Loss
The contents of your home can also be damaged by roof leaks. Expensive furniture, artwork on your wall, appliances, electronics, equipment stored in your garage, clothing, and more might be permanently damaged or totally destroyed by a badly placed leak.

7. Foundation Problems
Another, less thought of perhaps, problem caused by roof leaks is foundation damage. If water overflows your gutters and backs up an eave without proper drip edge on it, it can run down the home’s foundation as soon as destroy the fascia board or enter the house. This could cause foundation upheaval over time.

Plus, water damage around doors and windows can create gaping window frames and doors that stick shut.

Getting a roof repair is an urgent matter when you have a leak. In many cases, it may be a true roofing emergency – and most contractors will respond speedily when you tell them of an emergency leak. Both long term and short term damage caused by roof leaks is far too expensive to ignore.

If you have a leaky roof and need a speedy roof repair, do not hesitate to contact Sheegog Contracting in the Central Florida Area for a rapid and reliable response!


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