A New Roof For The New Year?

There’s no place like home for the holidays – but not in a house with an old, leaky roof? And what better way to start the new year right than by replacing those worn, past-warranty shingles with 100% brand new roofing.
You may not think that the changing of the years is a good time for roof replacement – but it really is. Here are 5 good reasons to get a new roof for the new year!

1. To Put Some Holiday Sparkle On Your House
Perhaps, you are hosting Christmas or New Year’s this time around? With so many people visiting your house for the holidays, why not let them all see the shine, sparkle, and curb appeal of brand new roofing?

One thing is for sure. You don’t want people to see worn down, bent back, or missing shingles – or worse, notice a roof leak while they are over for the holidays.

2. Because There May Be Discounts Available
Another factor to take into account is that winter is the off-season for roof contractors. That doesn’t mean they aren’t available to work – they are. It just means it’s the slower season and it will be easier than ever to schedule the job for the time you desire.

Plus, there are sometimes special discounts available when you order new roofing installed this festive time of year!

3. Pro Companies Can Do It Without A Hassle
You may fear that roof repair or replacement will make your December or January too “full,” especially since the holidays can be hectic enough in and of themselves.

But in reality, you don’t want to risk interior damage to your home by delaying re-roofing longer than you should, and far better to schedule it just before or between major end-of-year holidays than in the middle of them. The best local contractors can have the job schedule, done fast and right and with no mess left over for you to deal with.

4. The Weather Is Still Re-roofing Weather
In far-northern climates, December and January are not ideal times for major roof work, to say the least. But in Florida, December is the driest month of the year (very helpful for roof projects!), while January averages 70-degree highs, 50-degree lows, and 7 hours of full sunshine per day.

That is rather warm weather compared to the conditions in which roofing is routinely done all over the world. Geography and climate are on your side when it comes to mid-winter roof replacement in Central Florida.

5. It’s The Perfect New Year’s Resolution For Your Home
Give a Christmas gift to your home – a nice new roof over it, and you will reap the benefits not only during 2020 but for 20 to 25 or more years to come. Make a new year’s resolution to re-roof your home this Floridian winter, and you can put your past experiences of recurring roof repair needs behind you for good!

Thinking about getting roof replacement and/or roof repairs done this December or January? Contact Sheegog Contracting in the Central Florida Region today for a free consultation, a free no-obligation estimate, and timely, cost-effective service!


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