Avoiding Roof Replacement Mishaps

Parting with the old and welcoming the new often puts us through an emotional whirlwind – but not so much with roofing. No one really has any sentimental attachment to their old roofing shingles – but there are other reasons why roof replacement is sometimes delayed.
Once you realize that your old roof’s days are numbered, it is important to act wisely and in a timely fashion in scheduling a re-roofing job. All too often, homeowners make mistakes or suffer from needless mishaps that proper planning could have averted.

Here are the top 5 roof replacement mishaps and how you can avoid them!

1. Waiting Too Long To Re-roof
When is the best time to re-roof is probably one of the most difficult roofing questions to answer – unless there is no doubt that it needs to be done NOW. But aside from what we might call emergency roof replacement, the decision may involve weighing multiple factors.

When shingles have passed their warranty and/or life expectancy, when they are showing clear signs of deterioration, or when roof leaks are becoming all too common – it’s time. And delaying too long could be the worst and most costly thing to do.

2. Jumping The Gun Too Early
It is also possible to re-roof too early. For example, if your roofing is only halfway or less through its normal life span or if a few simple repairs are all that was really needed, it wouldn’t make sense to redo the whole roof.

That said, early roof replacement might still be in order if you want to change the shingle color or style to match with a new facelift you are giving your home’s exterior.

3. Going Over Old Shingles
It is tempting to skip the cost of removing and disposing of the old roofing material by simply roofing over, but that is just asking for bigger problems and expenses down the road.

Old shingles underneath will prevent the new shingle layer from laying totally flat, which may cause them to bend and break earlier than normal. Plus, it is much more difficult to locate and fix roof leaks on roofs with multiple shingle layers.

4. Choosing The Wrong Contractor
It is well worth the time and effort to search for your best local roofing contractor.

Look for a contractor with strong, local reviews, a great gallery of past jobs well done, all the licenses and insurance, and excellent customer service. Don’t settle for less than the best because your roofing is one of the most important components of your home!

5. Not Re-roofing Before Listing
Too many homeowners try to sell a house with an old roof and see many otherwise interested buyers walk away.

A new roof can help sell your home faster and get it a higher selling price. Whatever you spend on it can simply be rolled into the asking price, so it’s not really costing you anything. It’s a win-win decision – for both the seller and the buyer.

Don’t let roof replacement mishaps take you by surprise. Think through all the factors affecting your roof and how much longer you should wait to replace it. Definitely get the opinion of an experienced roofer on the matter too.

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