Coordinating Colors: Matching Your New Roof To The Color Of Your Home

Lots of homeowners get advice to keep their new roof and exterior colors neutral. It can be easier to sell a property when you stick to the same color palette everyone else has. At Sheegog Contracting, we have a different opinion: It’s your home … and who wants to spend their whole life greige?

No matter what color your exterior is (or what shade you aspire to paint it) there’s a perfect coordinating color for your new roof. It comes courtesy of GAF, one of the most trusted names in residential shingle roofing in Central Florida. We’re proud to be a GAF-Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor.

We’ve gone above and beyond with hours of extra training focused on GAF products.

That means when you choose a GAF shingle roof and source it through Sheegog Contracting, you’ll pay a lower rate than you would pay from a contractor who isn’t certified. You may also qualify for additional warranties, guarantees, and rebates GAF provides exclusively through a Master Elite Roofing Contractor.

On top of all that, you’ll get to enjoy the incredible color options that only GAF can offer.

As America’s Premier Shingle Roofing Brand, GAF’s Colors Are Second to None

Shingle roofs are the most popular in Central Florida and across much of the United States. When you want a shingle roof that truly stands out, it only makes sense to go with the #1 roofing manufacturer.

GAF has hundreds of colors divided into ten major categories:

  • White
  • Black
  • Light Green
  • Dark Green
  • Red
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Gray
  • Blue-Gray
  • Blue

With dozens of variations in every category, you can rest assured there’s something ideal for you. Even subtle complements and contrasts can make a tremendous difference on your roof since it is the largest single surface area of your home. The right combination will boost your curb appeal like nothing else.

For example, a blue home looks terrific with a blue, blue-gray, or gray roof. Light brown and dark brown exterior colors can pop with the right red or dark green. If you’re concerned about saving money on the electric bill, white shingles maximize reflectivity and prevent more solar heat from entering your home.

Need Inspiration? Take a Look at GAF’s Most Requested Colors

GAF’s most popular colors might be just what you need to get inspired for your new roof.

In recent years, these colors have consistently been chosen by savvy Central Florida homeowners:

1. Barkwood and Shakewood

These are the two most sought-after picks in GAF’s line of Weathered Wood-style shingles. Barkwood is a dark brownish color with reddish undertones, while shakewood is much lighter. The neutral colors and rich tones give your home a distinguished appearance, especially striking with architectural shingles.

2. Black and Gray

For a classic look, lots of homeowners enjoy the understated, regal charm of gray. Black provides an air of prestige to a new roof, making it sophisticated and luxurious. The depth of GAF’s black shingles is truly a sight to behold. Black roofing is often paired with white exteriors, but it’s extremely versatile.

3. Brown and Red

Brown and red shingles are especially beloved in Florida because they call to mind the Spanish Mission style without the extra steps that would be necessary for a clay tile roof. While brown has a simple and dependable air, subtle reds can add warmth against white, browns, and yellows.

4. Blue & Green

With energizing colors like Hunter Green and Biscayne Blue, the latter a top Florida pick, you won’t be left disappointed if you want to go to the cooler side. The right combination can give your home a true “sky and sea” appeal perfect for Florida’s lake country.

Get Up Close and Personal with Today’s Most Colorful Shingles – Call Sheegog Contracting

You may be able to see some of GAF’s more famous colors at your local home improvement shop. The rare colors are a little harder to come by – your local roofing contractor can get them for you. In many cases, it’s easier for us to source a sample so you can see how the shingles will look in real life, too.

Just like when you compare paint, it can be easier to visualize how your roof will look when you can see a shingle under genuine lighting conditions. Sheegog Contracting will be glad to help you bring all your roofing goals to life. We’re here every step of the way to make your home beautiful and secure.

Want to take the next step? Contact us to find out more or get started with your roof replacement.


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