Diagnostic Questions To Ask About Your Roof

Making the decision to re-roof your whole house isn’t easy. There are multiple factors at play, and you may need a professional roof inspection to really be sure. But there are also a number of ways the average homeowner can at least begin the process of diagnosing his or her own roof to decide if it may be time for full roof replacement.
Here are 7 diagnostic questions to ask yourself concerning the condition of your roof:

1. How old is my roofing?
Most asphalt roofing shingles last from 20 to 25 years and begin to decline significantly in performance thereafter. If your roofing is past this mark and also past the manufacturer’s warranty expiration, it may be time to put a new layer of shingles down.

2. How often do I need roof repairs?
An occasional roof repair need is no big deal – though it is always urgent and important. But when you start having 3 to 5 roof repairs even single year, that’s a sign your roofing is past the point of no return. You will ultimately save more money with roof replacement in that situation than with constant repair work for years on end.

3. Are my shingles bare and brittle?
Even without actual roof damage and aside from calculating how long the roofing has been up there, you can assess your need for new roofing. Two additional signs are relevant: bare-looking shingles and gutters full of shingle granules and shingles that are simply brittle, fragile, ready to easily break.

4. Is my roofing color badly faded?
Aesthetic reasons may also play into the decision to replace your roof. Perhaps, your roofing color has badly faded over the years due to exposure to the hot, relentless Florida sun. Or, you may just feel the color and style is outdated or an ill fit with some other home renovations you have in mind.

5. Do I want to have solar panels installed on my roof?
If you are interested in harnessing solar energy by having modern solar panels installed on your rooftop, then it makes sense to re-do your roofing at the same time. Some of the shingles will have to be torn up and edged around the panels anyway. If your roof is almost ready for replacement, solar installation could be a reason to move the job forward a little bit.

6. Am I planning on selling my home anytime soon?
For those who plan to list their homes in the near future, getting a new roof is always a good idea. Any roofing that is more than halfway past its normal life expectancy can reasonably be replaced in this situation to up the selling price of your home and help it sell faster.

7. Is my roof currently energy efficient?
Finally, you may wish to get more energy-efficient shingles or to get under your roofing to fix possible rotted out roof decking or other problems that could affect efficiency. Also, be sure to insulate and ventilate your attic, and perhaps, install a radiant barrier on your attic ceiling, to maximize the overall “efficiency impact.”

For more advice on diagnosing if it’s time for roof replacement, for a professional roof inspection, or for a free re-roofing or roof repair quote in the Central Florida Area, contact Sheegog Contracting today!


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