Do Your Roofing Material Choices Matter Beyond Appearances?

The choice to get a new roof is one of the most important decisions you can make for your home.

A new roof isn’t just about appearances. The roofing material you choose can directly impact your home in a variety of ways. While any secure roof is a good start, each roofing material has unique performance qualities that the others simply can’t match.

Your roof helps to determine:

  • How comfortable the temperature is inside your home no matter what season it is
  • How much money you spend on heating and especially cooling throughout the year
  • How much maintenance your roof needs, how often, and how time-consuming it is
  • Whether you have the opportunity to save money on your homeowner’s insurance
  • Whether your home will be seen as a good investment by potential buyers later on

Naturally, your decisions about a new roof will also influence what colors and textures are available, as well as how much you can expect to pay per square foot. But rather than start with these concerns, it’s a wise idea to begin with what qualities you want your roof to have, then work backward.

Let’s take a look at some popular Central Florida roofing and what each one can offer you:

1. Shingle Roofing

A shingle roof is the most common option here in Central Florida. This comes as no surprise since it has a lot going for it. In general, shingle roofing will be the most budget-friendly option per square foot. That said, you’re not compromising on strength or security when you choose a reliable shingle brand.

Shingle roofs are relatively easy to take care of. You can easily spot signs of damage from the ground level. Your Central Florida roofer should take a closer look once a year before storm season. Annual maintenance can extend the life of a shingle roof up to about 20 years.

Inexpensive installation and upkeep combined with the widest variety of colors and textures all come together to make shingle roofing a solid choice. However, Central Florida homeowners may encounter trouble with their insurance company once their roof is older than ten years.

2. Residential Metal Roofing

Residential metal roofing has a higher upfront cost than shingle roofing, but it delivers some advantages even the best shingles can’t beat. Since it reflects about 50% of all solar radiation that strikes it, it will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than other roofs.

Whereas shingle roofs should be inspected once a year, it is typically okay to inspect metal roofing once every other year. Even a heavy hail strike will often leave only a superficial scratch. Rain runs right off, and the risk of wind uplift is very low. Metal roofs are also resistant to mold and mildew.

A residential metal roof can last more than 30 years and it is not out of the ordinary for a well-kept roof to make it to 50 years. Insurance companies seem relatively favorable to these roofs. That said, metal is still in the process of catching up to shingle in terms of the colors available.

3. Tile Roofing

This comes in the form of clay tile roofing or concrete tile roofing. Their performance is usually similar. They are heavier than average roofing materials with a minimum risk of uplift from storm-force winds. Naturally, though, not all buildings can bear the extra weight of these tiles.

Clay tile roofing is closely associated with the Spanish mission style that’s commonly seen throughout formerly Spanish parts of Florida. These tiles are usually sold in their beautiful natural reddish color. Their appearance does not change much over time, even though the color might fade a bit.

Concrete tiles are much heavier and tend to be more expensive than clay. They are also available in a wider range of colors and textures. Both concrete and clay can last for an extraordinarily long time, a century or more. If a tile becomes cracked, the individual tile can be replaced.

4. Flat Roofing

Flat residential roofing is relatively rare. You’re most likely to spot it in a mid-century historic home, but modern homes can also get a flat roof through roof replacement. Flat roofing is efficient, durable, and cost-effective. The extra space can sometimes be used for gardening or a sun deck. All in all, a flat roof optimizes the benefits of rooftop solar panels for homeowners in most locations.

Want to know more about your roofing options? We are here to help. Contact us at Sheegog Contracting to find out more or get started with a new roof in Central Florida.


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