Don’t Neglect A Wintertime Roof Inspection!

If you don’t know there’s a problem, then you’re not going to be able to fix it before it becomes an even bigger problem. That’s an important principle when it comes to roof maintenance. And the number one way to ensure all needful roof repairs are identified and taken care of in a timely manner is through an annual, professional roof inspection.

Why Get A Roof Inspection This Winter?
In Florida, winter is the driest season of the year. It is also the slow season when it comes to the roofing industry. Those factors combine to make it ideal for your annual roof inspection.It is generally easier to schedule an inspection during the winter months at the time you prefer, and there may even be off-season discounts offered by some local contractors.

Plus, you want to go into the rainier months of the spring, summer, and fall knowing that your roof is 100% ready for whatever weather events may lie ahead.

The Dangers Of Neglecting A Roof Repair
A roof leak or other roof problem poses many dangers to a homeowner. Drywall, flooring, furniture, electronics, and more can suffer water damage.

A leak could also destroy the R-value of your attic insulation and promote the growth of mildew and mold (including black mold) in your home. A hole in your roof may allow rodents and other critters to get in, and loose shingles could blow or fall off – creating a risk of injury (and of liability.)

Neglecting to get a roof repair done will only worsen the problem and increase the risks. And without an inspection, you may not even know you are in need of a roof repair.

What Is Included In A Pro Roof Inspection?
There are many elements to check when diagnosing the “health” of your roof and roofing.

First of all, the roofing professional will check that your shingles are intact – not missing, loose, bent over, bubbled up, or broken off at points. Next, he will examine the flashing, beads of roofing cement, valleys, vents, rakes, ridges, and other areas where water frequently can get in.

It will also be important to see that your shingles have sufficient granules left on them and are not overly brittle. If your roof was hit by a hail storm, the contractor will see if the integrity of hail-struck shingles is still sound. Your roofer may also need to look in the attic to check for any signs of a slow water leak or an air leak.

Finally, you will get a report after the inspection detailing the condition of your roof and suggesting any repairs or improvements that he may recommend. Getting a pro roof inspection done once (or even twice) a year will help extend the life of your roof and roofing and protect the interior of your home for years to come.

To order a roof inspection this winter, or to get prompt assistance with a roof repair need, contact Sheegog Contracting in Central Florida today!


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