Don’t Underestimate Storm Damage To Your Roofing

As move along through spring into summer and beyond, Florida homeowners will face increased risks of storm damage to their roof and building. Sometimes, the damage is extreme and obvious, but other times, it can be subtle but still serious.
Don’t underestimate the impact of stormy weather on your home – even if it’s not immediately and visually apparent. Here are some key thoughts on how to weather the upcoming storm season.

Prepare For Storms Before They Happen
The best time to start thinking about storm damage is before it happens. Good preparation can often prevent or greatly lessen the damage done to your roofing and building by severe weather.

Here are 6 key ways to prepare for the inevitable storm that will hit your house:

  • Get a professional roof inspection done at least annually, ideally just before or just after hurricane season (or both).
  • Remove clutter from your lot, trim back tree limbs overhanging your roof, and remove dead trees from your property.
  • Be sure you have good drainage systems in place. This means both the landscaping and the roofing and guttering. You want to protect your foundation from erosion.
  • Invest in wind mitigation measures. Consider getting a wind mitigation inspection done – this can sometimes help lower homeowner’s insurance premiums.
  • Consider installing storm shutters for a major (named) storm.
  • Invest in homeowner’s insurance and/or in flood insurance.

Quickly Assess the Damage Post-Storm
After the storm is over, you want to get out and assess the damage done, if any, at the first opportune time. If you have a roof leak or a fire hazard, call in for immediate service. Most contractors have emergency services for the right situations.

Some damage will be obvious. A quick walk around the building and a notebook will be enough to spot it and move on it. But other damage is hidden and harder to see. That’s why you want a professional roofer/contractor to inspect your building.

For example, hail can weaken the integrity of shingles even when only leaving small dimples that you can’t even see from the ground. Shingles could be loose but not visibly out of place. And flashing could be torn away from the roof but not far enough to see unless you get up on the roof.

Make Plans To Rebuild and/or Improve Your Property
Make a post-storm restoration plan that handles the most pressing needs first and works its way to the rest. Schedule things to fit your budget and lifestyle and rely on local, reputable contractors to tackle the job.

You will need to decide on whether roof repair will be sufficient or if you would be better off opting for full roof replacement. This will depend on the extent of the damage to your roof but also on the age and condition of the roof previous to the storm.

You may also want to plan an addition or other construction or renovation project in conjunction with restoration efforts. After all, why not improve your property so you come out of the storm stronger than ever before?

Storm damage is never a planned event, but we can plan to be ready for it and to recover quickly from it when it does come. Your home insurance company will want to know a professional inspection has been done before they grant any claims you may make, which is yet another reason to schedule an inspection.

To learn more or for immediate attention to your home’s post-storm needs, contact Sheegog Contracting today!


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