Don’t Wait, Why Now Is The Best Time To Get Your Roof Replaced

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. When the roof has issues, so does the rest of the house. Water infiltration through the average Central Florida shingle roof doesn’t just affect the roof itself. It can lead to mold development in the roof and walls that might be hazardous to people and pets.

Of course, homeowners don’t make the call about roof replacement lightly. It is a significant investment. Often, the goal is to time that investment so it saves you money in the long run. A new roof will require much less time and money in repairs. Annual maintenance can extend the roof’s life further.

Regardless of where you are or when you purchased your house, it’s crucial to make sure the roof is getting adequate attention from a Central Florida roofer you can trust. Getting an inspection done is critical to catching small problems before they turn into big ones.

Those concerns may be hidden in plain sight, impossible to see without the training to know exactly where to look. So, if you’re not sure when the last roof inspection was done, now is the time to schedule one.

That’s even more urgent if you don’t know when the roof was last replaced.

Naturally, not every Central Florida roof inspection leads to a replacement. Most inspections will turn up minor damage that can be repaired the same day. But that minor damage will only get worse if exposed to heavy rains. Now is the ideal time to ensure your roof gets care from an expert.

Winter and Early Spring Are the Best Times to Get Roof Work in Central Florida – Bar None

In many places throughout the United States, roof work comes to a halt in winter. At a certain point, it is just too hazardous to get up on a roof that may be completely iced over and covered in snow. When you are dealing with the potential for a blizzard on any given day, it’s hard to schedule enough hours on a job.

Luckily, we don’t have to deal with any of that here in Central Florida.

Although it is possible for some Central Florida communities to experience a few days of frost in winter, more than that is virtually unheard of. The first part of the year makes up the best months for professional roofing in Central Florida because your roofer no longer has to plan around the intense heat.

It can be 30 degrees or even hotter on the roof than it is at ground level. That’s why, when roofers have a big job, they typically show up just after dawn and work through the day. When the afternoon is at its hottest, it’s time to take a break, rest, and hydrate. The job then gets finished before the sun starts going down.

In winter and early spring, roofers can work straight through and get things done even faster.

That makes a huge difference in the level of convenience you can experience.

But that’s not all. When you decide to get a roof inspection in the winter or early spring, you are prepared for any situation. If significant roof damage is found, there will be plenty of time to take care of it before the Atlantic hurricane season peaks. In most cases, your roof can be made as good as new.

Any weaknesses in your roof leave it vulnerable to complete failure under storm conditions. Even a tropical depression or Category 1 hurricane could cause widespread leaks in a roof that’s already in trouble. A visit from your Central Florida roofing company in the cool seasons makes the difference.

Waiting Until Summer for Roof Repair or Roof Replacement Can Cost You

By comparison with fall and winter, summer is the busiest time in Central Florida roofing.

To protect your home, your family, and your wallet, it’s essential to have the name of a Central Florida roofer you trust before summer. Once storms roll in, it can be very difficult to get on the schedule for roof work unless it is a dire emergency. Even the best Central Florida roofers are forced to triage.

When a hurricane hits, there may be thousands of families in need of immediate help, but there are only so many trained roofers. When you get your roof repair or roof replacement done early, you’re hedging your bets against that worst-case scenario and most likely are saving yourself a lot of money.

Roof repair is almost always less expensive than roof replacement, but this isn’t always true. Roofs can be compromised by storm damage and rains, requiring a complete replacement. If water penetrates the structural elements, no amount of replacing individual shingles will resolve the matter.

In the heart of a storm, a small difference in structural integrity can be what saves your roof. So, the annual inspection – and any necessary repairs – should always be a priority. In the long run, you may save thousands of dollars by taking action sooner. Plus, life will be easier and less stressful.

The other big reason to take care of this when you can is Florida roofing scams.

When reputable roofers are booked solid, roofing scammers come out of the woodwork. They pretend to be experienced roofing contractors and offer roof repair or replacement for cash. Once the money changes hands, though, they quickly disappear. Your funds are gone and you still have a damaged roof.

And it can be all the worse if they actually get up on the roof and “try” to do something.

If an uninsured person tries to perform work on your roof, you aren’t protected if they fall and get hurt. You can get sued. On top of that, just by being on the roof, they may invalidate any warranties from your manufacturer. In the worst-case scenario, you can even lose your homeowner’s insurance.

Insurance has been a big worry for Central Florida homeowners over the last several years. In the midst of what many have called an “insurance crisis,” insurers are looking for any excuse to cancel policies. Yes, they can and will cite unlicensed roof work as a reason to pull your policy if they find out.

At the same time, homeowners can’t afford to go without roof work. Insurers are now demanding their own roof inspections and may terminate policies if your roof is deemed “too old.” How old is too old? While most shingle roofs can last 20 years or more, roofs could be deemed a risk factor at age ten.

If the insurer decides to pull your policy, that’s not the end of the story. If you hold a mortgage loan, you are required to have homeowner’s insurance. Your mortgage lender has the option of buying a far more expensive policy (accessible only to lenders like them) and then passing the costs on to you.

All in all, it is just not worth it. At Sheegog Contracting, we make it easy for you to take action on your roofing needs right away by providing in-house financing. Instead of waiting and saving up for months, you can get your project started. The terms are easy to understand and your roof won’t be in jeopardy.

What if Your Winter Roof Inspection Uncovers Something? The Question of Repair or Replace

When it comes to your roof, ignorance is not bliss.

Sure enough, a roof inspection can turn up an issue that requires roof repair or roof replacement.

Repairing a shingle roof takes as little as a few hours depending on the extent of the damage. All the damaged shingles need to be identified, removed, and replaced. Shingles are more likely to be weak when they’ve been subject to the old-fashioned practice of “roofing over” with multiple shingle layers.

With a residential metal roof, the process can take a little bit longer, but the quality of repair has the potential to be even higher. Most damage to a metal roof is superficial. When there is serious harm, affected panels can be hammered back into shape or replaced without affecting the rest of the roof.

The same is true of most tile roofs. Cracked tiles can be replaced, leaving the others intact.

These scenarios all assume that damage is confined to the upper layer of the roof. When damage has spread to the underlayment or structural elements, there is a much bigger dilemma. The underlayment is the waterproof membrane beneath the shingle layer and is indispensable for weather resistance.

Deterioration of the structural elements is the worst-case scenario.

The underlayment can only be serviced when the entire roof is replaced. In the same way, most damage to structural supports can’t even be reached unless the roof is replaced. These are the situations where a roof replacement is the better long-term investment – and much safer.

By getting your work done in the winter or early spring, you ensure there’s plenty of time to see it all through.

At Sheegog Contracting, we’re known for the proven five-step roofing process that makes even the biggest jobs simple and straightforward for you. You will know exactly what to expect at every turn.

What’s more, everything you need is spelled out in writing. You will have time to review the entire scope of work and the contract specifying all costs and timelines. When the job begins, you have access to the project manager at any time. Our goal is simply to make roofing easier than you ever imagined before.

Sheegog Contracting Is Here to Help You with All Central Florida Roofing Projects

At Sheegog Contracting, we work where we live – right here in Central Florida.

We believe having a Central Florida roofing contractor you can rely on is vital to peace of mind for any homeowner. When you partner with our team, we’ll always give you the advice you need so you can make an informed decision. We will never pressure you to make your choice on the spot.

That said, the best results in roof repair and roof replacement come from getting started early.

A Central Florida roofing expert from Sheegog Contracting will be glad to visit your home, examine your roof, and tell you about our findings. From there, you’ll have the chance to schedule roof repair or learn more about a roof replacement. We offer shingle roofs, metal roofs, clay tile roofs, and many others.

With our years of experience, odds are good your friends and neighbors have already worked with us. We hope you’ll be our next satisfied customer.

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