Emergency Storm Damage Repairs

You can’t plan emergency storm damage to your roofing, and when it suddenly happens, you need help from a skilled contractor without any delay. Even a few days’ wait could expose your roof and your home’s interior to serious and costly damage – so you need to have an emergency roofing plan in place well ahead of time.
It pays to understand the basics on what might be considered an emergency storm damage job, what you should expect from your local roofer, and how to best prepare for and respond to such an emergency.

Common Causes Of Emergency Roof Repairs
There are a number of common causes of emergency roof repair needs. First of all, sever storm damage may be caused by a hurricane or other named storm, a tornado, a hail storm, or even just severe thunderstorm or strong winds.

Winds may catch trees and branches nearby your house and hurl them into the roof – or cause overhanging limbs to sway and scratch a hole in the roofing.

It’s also possible that delayed roof maintenance, poor previous installation work, shingles that are old and worn down to begin with, or inadequate flashing may make it easier for storms to do damage. For example, roofing already in poor shape may more easily let water through for a roof leak or allow some shingles to bend, break, crack, or blow off in the wind.

What To Expect From Your Local Contractor
It will have to stop raining before a roofer can safely walk on your roof top to do any repairs. The storm will have to be over and conditions (including wind speeds) will need to be relatively safe.

But roofers will give priority to roofing emergencies and often can come out within 24 hours of storm damage if conditions allow. Temporary coverings and other measures may have to be done first in some cases to stop immediate leaking and to ensure the structural safety of your rafters and roof supports.

Many times, the entire roof repair can be done on the first day. But even if it must be a multi-day project, your roofing will be secured the first day to prevent further damage. A careful roof inspection, thorough repair, and help in working with your homeowners’ insurance company will follow.

How To Prepare For & Respond To Storm Damage
While you cannot predict when a roofing emergency will occur, the odds are that storm damage will happen sooner or later in a stormy state like Florida. It’s best to be prepared so that response time is shortened and your roof is back in good shape as quickly as possible following a storm.

Be sure to have the phone number of a reliable, local roofing contractor handy. Also, see if there is a special phone number for emergency calls that may not always be during normal business hours.

Exercise good roofing maintenance ahead of time, with annual roof inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs. Keep gutters clean to prevent water damage to roof eaves and leaks originating from an overflowing gutter. Also, make sure you understand how your home insurance policy works relative to roof repairs and roof replacement.

If you are in need of an emergency roof repair due to storm damage or another cause, do not hesitate to contact Sheegog Contracting for help. We serve the Central Florida Area and are quick to respond to the emergency and urgent roof repair calls of our customers.


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