Experience Matters: How Sheegog Contracting’s Process Makes Roofing Your Home Painless

At Sheegog Contracting, we believe that getting a new roof shouldn’t be a hassle or a chore.

When someone is looking at new roof installation, it’s often because of damage to the existing roof – or the risk of losing homeowner’s insurance because of the advanced age of the roof. Neither of those are fun things to deal with, so the roofing process itself should be as easy as possible.

Unfortunately, it’s often hard to know what you’re getting into when you select a Central Florida roofer. The vast majority of roofers have the best of intentions for their customers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they have the skills and resources to get the job done right the first time.

Thousands of new roofers enter the industry every year, and after just a year or two of experience, they are ready to practice on their own. When they underestimate just how challenging a job may be, clients like you end up with cost overruns or scheduling headaches.

That can add a whole lot of stress!

While there are plenty of roofers out there eager to work for you, it’s essential to choose one that has the experience to do the job. That means not only understanding how roofing work is done, but how to plan a roofing project so nothing goes wrong – and if there are any surprises, they don’t affect you.

Sheegog Contracting has a vision to make roofing as simple as possible for customers.

With our approach, you:

  • Always know exactly what’s happening now and what the next step is
  • See exactly what you are paying for and why, and how long it will take
  • Have the opportunity to get information and ask questions at any time

These might seem like basic things you’d expect from any professional service. In the world of roofing, it represents an insightful approach: One that we’ve honed over many years. Not only do we have a team of highly trained roofers, but we also have experts in professional project management to guide the process.

After years of work – amounting to tens of thousands of hours up on roofs – we’ve developed a truly unique take on roofing. With the Sheegog Contracting Five-Step Roofing Process, our customers have full peace of mind from the initial consultation all the way through to post-project cleanup.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what it is and how it unfolds:

Step 1: The Meeting

Nobody can be sure what your roof needs until they personally lay eyes on it. That’s true even if you are getting a total roof replacement: The roofer needs to really understand what it’s going to take to bring down the existing roof and safely dispose of it. It all begins at step one, the meeting.

During the meeting, you get to talk directly to the project manager who will oversee your complete roof project. An on-site assessment of the roof is followed by a discussion of your needs and goals. You will hear our expert advice on your situation, but the ultimate decision is always up to you.

During the meeting, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you want about the process and our credentials. We will be happy to show you evidence of our insurance, certifications, and much more. All of this helps you know you are in good hands. Don’t work with a roofer who won’t answer your questions!

If you decide we’re a good fit for you, we can go right to step two, the written scope of work. Sheegog Contracting puts everything in writing whenever possible. You will always know whether or not we’re keeping up our end of the bargain – and exactly what you can expect next.

Step 2: The Scope

In phase two, the scope, our team compiles a detailed survey of your property. This not only includes gathering information about the state of the roof. It also requires us to understand the land layout, so we can get appropriate equipment onto and off of your property with minimum disruption to you.

As a professional Central Florida roofing contractor, Sheegog Contracting brings everything needed to the job site. That includes making sure we have access to dumpsters, water, electricity, roofing materials, and any equipment we need. The scope helps ensure that happens, and you don’t worry about a thing.

As the name suggests, “the scope” leads to the written scope of work you’ll be able to review.

The scope of work includes details on the right design and material for your project. It’s crucial that we work together to understand exactly what you want and need. This is the biggest opportunity to shape your process and make sure you get the exact roof you want.

The written scope is developed from your feedback, our documentation, and our best assessment of how to meet your needs at the lowest cost and fastest timeframe. Although a lot of work gets done, it may take as little as a few hours. Once it’s complete and you approve, it’s almost time to get started.

Step 3: The Plan

A written plan is the key to getting what you actually want from any contractor, and Central Florida roofers are no exception. In step three, the plan is built on the scope. It may take a few days to fully craft your plan. Once you have it in hand, you can go forward with your project.

We strive to make sure the plan addresses every concern, cost, and timing issue that might come up in the whole life of the project. Of course, if you have any questions or comments, we’ll be more than glad to help. This can take the form of a phone call, video call, or another meeting in person.

When we design the plan, it includes costs based on the current price of roofing materials. These prices aren’t “locked in” until we get your signature. Prices can go up, but you will have several days to decide.

Some of our first-time clients even choose to have the plan looked over by their lawyers.

If you are tempted to delay your roofing project because of funding, we can help. We offer our own in-house financing so you never need to wait for the care your roof needs. Taking action now can save you thousands of dollars in the near future, so it is always worth it to go forward as soon as you can.

The same day you agree to the plan, we place any necessary orders and put the right staffing in place. From the time the plan is signed, it may take one, two, or three days to get started. If you have unique needs, we can hold off to meet your schedule. A complete “day by day” breakdown of timing is included.

Step 4: The Project

During the project, everything outlined in the finalized plan is executed. Even a complex job such as total roof replacement may take as little as a single day. That’s because our crew generally gets started right after dawn and will work through the day until night begins to fall.

With one major break planned for the hottest part of the day, the team can work for close to twelve hours. In cooler weather, the later dawn may cause a slight delay, but it won’t typically be necessary to take a long break at mid-day. We will always communicate exactly what you can expect.

Throughout the project period, you’ll be in direct contact with your project manager. This team leader is on-site for most of the project, but you can also call directly at any time. At several points in the process, you’ll have the option of examining the work as it gets done.

Now and then, there may be unexpected circumstances that affect your project once it gets underway. For example, damage to a roof may be more extensive than thought. You will always get a complete briefing before any changes are made, and will never be charged for anything without your consent.

Step 5: The Follow Through

For safety’s sake, homeowners are encouraged to remain out of the yard during the project and be wary of any roofing debris. At the end of the project, we use special magnetic wands and other equipment to remove roofing nails from your property. Old shingles and other waste items are carted away.

Once the property is safe, clean, and tidy, you have the opportunity to examine all of our work. With the help of your project manager, you’ll get a final tour of what was done, why, and how. We aren’t satisfied until you are, and this feedback period helps clients gain peace of mind with their results.

In the coming days after the project, you remain a top priority at Sheegog Contracting. You can call up your project manager directly if there are any problems. In the unusual event, your roof needs further attention within the few days following project wrap-up, you’ll enjoy priority scheduling on us.

It may be years before you need further roof repair or roof replacement services. Meanwhile, we will be honored to help you with roof inspections and roof maintenance, which are performed annually on most roofs. Our existing customers can benefit from special pricing and other incentives for ongoing roof care.

Lots of our customers ask us what they can do to spread the word about Sheegog Contracting. You are never obligated to do so, but if you choose, you can find us on Google Reviews, Yelp, “Angi” (formerly Angie’s List), and many other websites. Your honest review helps others find a roofer they can trust.

Don’t Leave Your Roofing Up to Chance – Contact Sheegog Contracting

Sheegog Contracting wants to be the roofing team you’ll actually look forward to using.

Once you see just how easy roofing can be, you’ll wonder how you did it any other way. Thousands of residential and commercial roofing projects in Central Florida have taught us to apply the powerful Five-Step Process to any job. No matter how big or complex it is, you get the same smooth experience.

When you need a Central Florida roofer, you shouldn’t settle for being someone’s “learning experience.” You don’t have to pick a “roofer near me” from Google and hope for the best. Sheegog Contracting will provide full answers to your questions.

Don’t wait another today to see how Central Florida roofing could be.

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