Get Your Roof Ready For The Months Ahead

In Florida, every season of the year offers its challenges to your roof system, but the winter is something of a reprieve as far as rainfall is concerned. That may give you a chance to get a roof inspection and get roof repairs done during the cold season – but if you miss that chance, the spring is the next best time to take care of your roof.
During late winter or early spring, here are 5 key steps you can take to get your roof ready for the inclement weather that awaits it in the months ahead.

1. Do A Quick Ground Inspection Of Your Roof
As the chill (by Florida standards!) begins to lift and a year of rain, thunderstorms, high heat, and severe winds lies just ahead, take the time during this interval to do a ground inspection of your roof.

Get to a distance from which you can see all or most of your rooftop and walk around the building. Look for any obvious signs of roof damage like missing shingles or dangling flashing. Also, see if there are any shingles on the ground. Finally, if you are adept with a ladder, get a closer look at several points and look for shingle granules in your gutters (a sign of worn-out shingles.)

2. Get A Professional Roof Inspection Done
If your roof is in near-perfect condition and has had no problems for quite some time, you might be able to skip a pro inspection. But normally, it’s a good idea to have one done annually regardless – and especially if you noticed any issues during your DIY walk-about inspection.

Realize that an annual inspection will allow you to constantly gauge the condition of your roof so you can catch any problems early rather than late. Plus, your homeowners’ insurance provider will want the opinion of a professional contractor before paying for any repairs.

3. Take Care Of All Repairs Immediately
If your inspection leads to the discovery of some repair needs, it’s important to act without delay to have them done. Even a small leak can wreak havoc in your home’s interior if left unchecked.

Compromised shingles, ineffective water barriers in the roof valleys, cracked roofing cement around the vents or chimney or rotted out roof deck sections are just leaks waiting to happen. Far better to act now than to suffer hundreds of dollars in damage later on!

4. Prepare Your Roof For The Storms Ahead
It may be many months before hurricane season gets underway and you may not be facing immediate threats from tornadoes or severe thunderstorms. But the weather can change in an instant, and storm damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Thus, preparing well ahead of time is key. You might want to consider upgrading to shingles with a higher wind resistance rating. Any shingles that are loose should be secured, and any that are curled up should be caulked down with roofing cement or replaced as needed. Also, having tree limbs that overhang your house trimmed back will reduce the of serious damage in a storm (or of fire if limbs fall across power lines.)

5. Track Your Roof’s Likely Remaining Lifespan
Every roof has its limits. An annual roof inspection will help you track the aging of your roofing so you are not surprised when it’s finally time for roof replacement. Keeping a notebook on the condition of your roof and past roof repair jobs is a good idea.

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