How A Tile Roof Can Make Your Home The Envy of the Neighborhood

If you’ve done much traveling in South Florida, you’re no doubt familiar with the beauty of the Mission style of architecture. The Mission style is inspired by Spanish settlers and has a unique look all its own.

Florida was one of the only places in the future United States where Spanish explorers had an enduring presence. This unique part of our history continues to be reflected in buildings across the state.

One of the most striking parts of a true Mission-style structure is the roof. With roofs clad in red, brown, or orange tile, the structures were prepared to fend off the elements for decades to come.

Traditional Mission architecture uses clay tiles, which are astoundingly durable. They were chosen since they can easily deal with both the sweltering heat and the salt sea air. Of course, this meant they were a higher priority in the coastal parts of Florida than here in Central Florida.

Sadly, no Florida missions remain standing for us to look at today. That said, the roof would be the part of the entire structure most likely to survive. Today’s clay tile roofs often last a century or more. To put this in context, the Spanish crown controlled Florida for about 300 years.

You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the power of Florida clay roofing.

These days, clay tile roofing is spreading all throughout Florida. You will also find it in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and a variety of other locations. It is an iconic part of the traditions that arise from the South and Southwest. And as a new roof, it has some extraordinary performance qualities.

Is a tile roof right for you? If you want your home to stand out, the answer may be “yes.”

Blend In or Stand Out? A Tile Roof Is a Showstopper Here in Central Florida

Some homeowners have heard that if they want to maintain the value of their property, they should go with a roof that doesn’t buck trends. Shingle roofing is the most common here in Florida, and it’s not unusual for customers to look at the colors in use in their neighborhood before deciding on a roof.

That said, your home is your own – and you can use it to make a unique statement.

A tile roof will turn heads and get people talking. And if you are planning to sell your home any time in the foreseeable future, that roof won’t let you down. It has the potential to save so much money for the next owner – and it can help you attract qualified buyers who have a vision for their next move.

The Florida tile roof is the ideal selection if you have a Mission-style residence, but it does not look out of place on other homes. It not only serves as a conversation starter, but helps you reduce the time and money you spend maintaining your roof – giving you the potential for a century-long service life.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the aesthetic considerations of a tile roof:

1. Tile Roofing Comes in More Colors than You May Realize

Although the “sun-soaked” reds, browns, and oranges are most associated with the tile roof, it can also come in other colors. Tile roofing can be found in just about any color you can imagine. It may take longer to get a custom color, but it is absolutely worth it.

From subdued and subtle colors to bright and vibrant ones, tile roofing will not disappoint you. The spectrum of available colors is growing by the day and runs the full rainbow. That includes “cool” colors like pale blues and grays that have not always been available in the past.

With a new tile roof, you have a unique opportunity to transform the whole look of your home.

Combine a fresh tile roof with a new exterior paint job and a new front door. Suddenly, you’ve created a totally new concept for your space. Although the door has huge symbolic importance, the roof is really the first thing people will notice when they look at a house. You may as well make the most of it!

2. Tile Roofing Can Simulate a Variety of Luxury Materials

No matter whether you choose traditional clay roofing tiles or concrete tiles, you have a gamut of options for the texture. By adjusting the surface qualities, these tiles can simulate all kinds of other materials that may be unattainable otherwise. They are incredibly versatile.

Think about the fun and excitement of picking out new tiles for your floor. Your roofing tiles are every bit as adaptable. Anything you can imagine, you can achieve with tile. That includes materials that, by and large, would be prohibitively expensive if they were used for every square inch of the roof.

When you’re comparing options for a new tile roof, be sure to discuss the possibilities with a Central Florida roofer you trust. The more experienced a roofing team is, the easier it is for them to get you the best quality roofing materials at a substantial discount – and even accelerate any special orders.

Some homeowners enjoy having a certain level of continuity between the exterior and interior of the home. Whether that means complementary colors, materials, or dimensionality, a tile roof is a terrific place to start. There is so much to choose from and no “wrong” answer.

3. Tile Roofing Is More Dimensional than Most Other Options

If you’ve looked at shingle roofing lately, you know getting an “architectural” look is a critical concern for high-quality shingles. Tile holds that sense of weight and heft by default. This is amplified by the ability to craft tiles into almost any kind of shape you can imagine.

If you look at examples of older Mission-style buildings, one thing that stands out right away is the way the tiles are curved. This sinuous curvature may resemble rippling waves. Each tile fits together, with the precise height of the rise and angle of the valley carefully determined in advance.

You might think that this kind of roof would be more vulnerable to issues such as pooling of rainwater. But a modern Central Florida roofer can plan out your roof so the design incorporates appropriate run-off, even when there are no visible gutters. This defends you from heavy volumes of water on the roof.

Of course, Floridians have the extra bonus of not having to worry about snowmelt. Snow melting and refreezing on the roof can devastate it within a short period of time. Because these conditions simply don’t exist here, it is perfectly safe to choose a dramatic wave style for your tile roof.

The Premium Performance Qualities of Florida Tile Roofing Will Astound You

Here in Florida, roofing manufacturers claim that their average shingle roof will last for about 30 years. This is a good estimate, but it doesn’t always work out that way. In fact, it’s not unusual for a shingle roof in Florida to need replacement within about 20 years.

Heavy summer storms combined with sweltering heat can sap the lifespan of the average roof. If your attic and rooftop aren’t properly ventilated, high heat can “bake” your shingles from below. Although they might not change in appearance, they will be weakened and vulnerable to leaks.

If you want a roof that will last and last, tile is right for you.

With appropriate maintenance, a clay tile roof can easily endure for a century. Concrete tile roofs, which are a bit lighter, have an average service life in excess of 60 years. This is the first thing to remember when you’re comparing tile roofs: They are intended to last for the entire lifespan of your building.

You may never need to purchase another roof again!

That fact alone offsets the investment involved in a tile roof, which can be greater than what you might need for a Florida shingle roof or residential metal roofing in Florida. But there’s even more to know that will put this decision in context for you as a roofing customer.

Let’s take a closer look:

1. Florida Tile Roofing Is Virtually Immune to Wind Uplift

Anyone who has lived through a few Florida hurricane seasons knows that the rain and the wind both offer their own unique hazards. While it’s the rain that risks penetrating your roof, the wind damage can undermine the integrity of your whole structure. It does so in many highly disruptive ways.

In the most serious storm winds, roofs can be pulled right off the architectural elements.

With updates in Florida building codes, officials have encouraged Sunshine State homeowners to make sure their roofs are fully anchored and, therefore, protected from the wind. With a Florida tile roof, however, you get the advantage of something else entirely: A roof that’s too heavy to lift!

Of course, the heft of your roof will depend on the material and its thickness. In general, though, a tile roof can stand firm through even the most significant of storms. When you purchase your tile roof, you’ll typically receive a warranty from the manufacturer letting you know just what to expect.

2. Florida Tile Roofing Means Less Maintenance to Worry About

Cracks and other problems leading to leaks are possible with a tile roof, just as they would be with any other kind of roof. That said, they are appropriately rare. As with residential metal roofing, only the damaged piece needs to be removed and replaced. Full replacement of the roof is nearly unheard of.

To protect your roofing investment, it’s a wise idea to plan for a regular roof inspection. We advise most Florida homeowners to get this done once a year before the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Done right, this gives you plenty of time for any repairs, so your roof will be safe and sound in the storm.

Even so, there are some kinds of roof that need less attention – and tile is one of them.

No matter if you have a clay tile roof or a concrete tile roof, you can safely defer your roof inspections to one every two years. The same happens to be true of residential metal roofing. While not quite as long-lasting as tile, it can give you a good 50 years or so with a minimum of work on your part.

Some of the biggest costs of a roof come from repairs after it is past its prime. It’s vital for homeowners to work with a reliable Central Florida roofer to get roof replacement done when it makes sense to do so. With a tile roof, costs are inexpensive, rare, predictable, and flat. That’s ideal for your budget.

3. Florida Tile Roofing Gives You Robust Defense Against Weather Hazards

Naturally, the beauty of a roof isn’t the only element that goes into a decision in Florida.

Although Central Florida is spared a direct hit from many of the larger storm systems, it’s normal to be on alert every hurricane season. Outer bands from named storms will often spend days roaming over Central Florida. These can drop many inches of rainfall and cause all kinds of other issues.

From rain to wind-driven projectiles and beyond, you want to know your roof will stand the test of time.

When it comes to all these weather woes and more, a tile roof is one of the best decisions you can make. It has all the benefits of a residential metal roof and then some. It is resistant to rain, wind, mold, mildew, and even fire. Even the pernicious Florida roof rat can’t wreak havoc on a tile roof.

The peaks and valleys that might be present in a tile roof do not weaken it or make it more vulnerable to Florida weather. Plus, most clay roofing tiles are nearly immune to having their colors weather and fade. This may be more common with concrete tile, but many homeowners say the tiles look better with age.

In the world of weather, there’s simply nothing to worry about when you have a tile roof from a reputable Central Florida roofer. It must be installed according to the highest professional standards, but once that work is done, you can enjoy an outstanding feeling of safety and security with your roof.

What Do You Need to Know Before Choosing Florida Tile Roofing?

The weight of a Florida tile roof is a huge factor in helping it deliver the benefits it does.

That said, not all Florida homes are adequately prepared for a clay tile roof, the heaviest of the options. Older structures may need additional reinforcement to bear the extra weight. This can be done in a matter of weeks or you can choose somewhat lighter concrete tile roofing instead.

Once reinforcement work is carried out, you can rest assured the weight of your roof will be all “pro” and no “con.” It can even elevate the overall value of your home because reinforcement helps to strengthen the walls and foundation of your home – and no one wants to buy a property with a shaky foundation.

A New Tile Roof Is Within Reach Here in Central Florida

Are you ready to discuss Florida tile roofing with an expert who cares about your success?

At Sheegog Contracting, we’re one of the leading tile roofing teams in Florida. We know the ins and outs of this premium roofing material, so you know your project is in good hands. Our proven five-step process has been refined over the course of hundreds of jobs. We will always stand behind the work we do.

Tile is trending in Florida in 2022. We will help you make it easier than you ever thought possible.

Your new tile roof will be the envy of the neighborhood – not just for the way it looks, but for the savings, safety, and solidity it brings to your home. Even if you are happy with the way your roof performs right now, a Florida tile roof will help you reach a whole new level.

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