How Does the Pitch of My Roof Affect The Cost of My Roof Replacement?

When you’re getting a roof replacement in Central Florida, there are several factors that will influence the final cost. The biggest of these is the overall size of the roof in square feet. The bigger the roof, the more materials and labor are necessary for your roof replacement.

Luckily, this factor is easy for Central Florida roofing contractors to plan around.

But there’s another matter that can seem like a little bit of a wildcard. In certain situations, it has the potential to add thousands of dollars to your roof replacement cost in Florida. That is roof pitch. Let’s take a closer look at roof pitch (also called slope) and how it impacts the cost of roofing in Florida.

What is the Slope of a Roof?

The slope of a roof is the incline of the roof. It’s expressed in the format X/Y, where “X” is the vertical rise and Y is the horizontal run. Both are measured in inches, with the horizontal run always being at “12,” or one foot. In other words, this tells you how many inches the roof rises per foot.

The higher the rise, the steeper the roof is.

What Is the Difference Between Roof Slope and Roof Pitch?

Roof pitch is the more common way of saying “roof slope.” You’ll usually hear “roof slope” on home renovation programs and DIY instructions. “Roof pitch” is the term more commonly used by Central Florida roofers and at home improvement centers. Both terms refer to the same thing.

How Does Roof Pitch Affect Roof Replacement?

The higher the pitch of your roof, the more work will be needed for your roof replacement. In Florida, roofers are held to high-quality standards, especially around workplace safety. For your well-being and ours, this requires us to take extra steps whenever we’re working on a steep roof.

One of the first things roofers master as they learn the trade is the proper use of safety harnesses. You may hear this referred to as “tying off.” With a fully insured roofer, you don’t need to worry about the costs of a potential accident, but safety should always be the top priority.

If your roof has a high pitch, it might add to the timeline for your complete roof replacement in Florida. At Sheegog Contracting, we’ll let you know the timeframe well in advance. Any potential for delay will also be noted and incorporated into the written plan from your dedicated project manager.

Experienced roofers can deal with a high pitch without compromising safety. But there are situations where work on a steep roof might need to pause. For any roof replacement, we want to be sure the weather is on our side in terms of wind and rain before we begin.

It’s also a wise idea to begin most projects early in the day, before high heat sets in. It can be 30 degrees hotter on the roof than it is at ground level! We will review the situation and get your permission for our plan before we begin. All in all, a high pitch rarely slows down roof replacement for long.

How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost With a Steep Roof Pitch?

A steep roof pitch needs to be planned for in the roofing system your home receives. Accommodating a high pitch takes extra work and may require special equipment or materials. So, you can expect that a very high pitch will have some effect on your price.

For the average 40’x50’ roof, the usual roof pitch is expressed as 9/12. In Florida, it’s likely your roof pitch is lower, which will help you reduce your costs. For every additional three inches of pitch, it’s prudent to plan another $1,000 to $1,500 in your roof replacement budget.

Projecting elements in the roof such as a chimney, skylight, and others can also increase the price. It is actually impossible to get an accurate price estimate based only on the roof’s measurements. The price must be calculated by an expert roofer familiar with the kind of work to be done.

Sheegog Contracting Helps You Get More Value for Your Roofing Investment

No matter the pitch, materials, or condition of your current roof, Sheegog Contracting can help you get a reliable and beautiful new one. Our years of experience lead to accurate estimates. Plus, our proven five-step project approach leaves nothing to chance and means no surprises.

We can even help you with roof replacement financing so you don’t need to wait.

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