How The Sun’s Heat Can Damage Your Roof

Florida is further south than any other state except Hawaii, making it that much closer to the equator and that much sunnier. In fact, Florida ranks among the sunniest and hottest states in the US, getting 89 sunny days and 147 party sunny days.
After the wind and rain, sun is one of the most common causes of roof damage. Here are some of the ways that the sun’s heat can lead to roof repairs:

3 Types Of Roof Repair Needs Stemming From Heat
Here are the three most common ways that the sun can do damage to asphalt roofing shingles over the years:

  1. Shingle decay. As shingles age, they withstand the sun’s UV light and intensive summer heat less effectively. Shingles may begin to become brittle, lose their bright coloration, shed granules into the gutters and downspouts, and appear “rotted out” in extreme cases. The only solution to this kind of problem would be installing brand new roofing.
  2. Warping and curling. When the heat gets too high, older or poorer quality shingles may begin to curl. Even slight curling or warping that may not be noticeable at first can eventually become visible over time. When shingles keep curling in the same direction over and over again, it becomes easier for them to curl further and harder for them to return 100% back into proper position.
  3. Cracking. Sometimes, curling shingles move so far or so suddenly that it causes the shingle to crack in the fold. This could lead to a roof leak and so should not be ignored.

If “sun wear” has caused an emergency roof repair need, contact a local contractor who responds to roofing emergencies. Otherwise, schedule a repair at your convenience. Damage done to shingles by repeated overheating can be repaired on an individual shingle basis. If the damage is extensive and intensive, however, you might want to consider a re-roofing job.

Minimize Sun Damage & Turn Sun Into A Positive!
All roofing will eventually age and show the effects of sun exposure. Buying higher-grade shingles to begin with will slow the deterioration and minimize the need for repairs.

Also, installing attic ventilation and insulation will reduce the effect. And putting in a radiant barrier below the roofline on your attic ceiling will bounce radiant heat from the sun away from your home and your roof. This kind of upgrade will not only extend the life of your roof but also increase your home’s energy efficiency and save you money!

Finally, consider installing solar panels on your roof. When you do, the sun’s heat will become a positive factor to your roof!

There are many causes of roof damage, and the frequency of each cause varies from region to region. In Florida, we don’t have to worry about ice dam damage, but wind, water, and heat are major sources of roof repair needs.

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