How To Get The Most Out Of Your Solar Panels

As solar energy continues to become more efficient and more affordable, more and more Florida homeowners are ordering solar installation services. The sun is, after all, the biggest source of unlimited renewable, “clean” energy.
However, it’s not just a matter of choosing the right solar panels and accompanying equipment. There are other things too that can impact how much “free” energy you are actually getting out of your panels.

1. Order Top-quality Solar Installation Services
To be as efficient as possible, solar panels need to be installed correctly. That means positioning them at the ideal locations on your home’s roof or on a yard-based stand.

Due to the angle at which sunlight hits different parts of your roof throughout the day and the passing over of your roof of shadows from nearby permanent structures, it makes a big difference exactly where your panels are and at which angle they are set.

In fact, too many shadows can not only reduce energy output but can actually cause hot spots and malfunctioning on non-shaded portions of the panels.

2. Keep Up With Solar Panel Maintenance
Did you know that solar panels can eventually get coated with dirt and dust borne by the wind over the years? This is called “soiling,” and soiling can reduce the energy output of panels by up to 10%.

That’s why solar installation should also take into account the prevailing winds. And you will need to have your panels cleaned from time to time as well, besides addressing any other maintenance issues promptly.

It’s really best to have your panels cleaned every 6 to 12 months and to have them inspected once every two years.

3. Maximize Electric Use During The Daytime
Obviously, solar systems only produce energy during the daytime. So any electricity you use during the day is going to utilize energy produced by your own roof instead of provided by the power company. Needless to say, that saves you money.

Also, if you get a sufficient battery pack connected to your solar system, you will be able to use stored solar energy at night. However, you also don’t want to overload the system and keep popping breakers. So charge your phone during the day instead of at night, for example, but try to run only one appliance at a time.

4. Monitor Production & Experiment
Having a system in place that lets you conveniently see and track the results of your solar panel production from day to day and month to month is also key. By measuring production and usage, you will know where you need to improve.

And you can try to figure out why productivity went down at certain times – like if it was a cloudy day. And experiment with ways to reduce usage and see the results instantly.

5. Try New Apps To Manage Electric Usage
To maximize the benefits of solar installation, you want to get the most out of all the energy you produce.

Today, there are many helpful apps you can quickly download and learn to use which will save you money. Powershop, for example, lets you track daily power usage per every half hour. That’s the kind of precision you need to make quick adjustments and save as much as possible.

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