How To Judge The Quality Of A Roofing Job

Finding the right roofer is a bare-bones essential if you want to have the best possible roofing job done on your home. But how do you judge the quality of roof work?
Can the average homeowner have a pretty good idea of what constitutes high-quality roof work – or does it take an expert? Well, while there may be certain details that only a contractor would recognize, anyone can get a pretty good idea of what kind of roofing service they’re being given by paying attention to the 5 following criteria:

1. Removal Of Old Roofing Material
In “the old days”, it wasn’t uncommon to roof over old shingles instead of removing them, but hardly anyone does that anymore – and for good reason. The shingles below will deform, weaken, and shorten the lifespan of the shingles on top.

Be sure your contractor will tear off existing shingles first. And be sure they do it in a safe way, using strategically placed tarps, dumpsters, and nail-finder magnets in the lawn. Fair warning should be given to keep kids and pets away from the tear-off zone.

2. Watch For A Clean Roof Deck
When tear-off is complete, the next sign of a good roof job is seeing the roof deck stripped down bare. Old, brittle underlayment should be discarded. Nails should be taken out of the roof deck with a hammer claw or ply bar. And any weak or damaged plywood should be replaced.

Preparing the roof deck is an essential of a quality job. Old nails sticking up can dimple or even puncture the new shingles and make way for water to sneak in. These kinds of details are that important.

3. All Layers Are Properly In Place
Roofing is a layered phenomenon: and every layer counts. You should see quality felt underlayment overlay the roof deck, valley flashing or peel-and-stick weather guard line the roof valleys, metal flashing surrounding chimneys, vents, and rake walls, and drip edge go over the eaves and/or all the roof edges.

Every layer has its role to play, and skipping or skimping on any of them may be detrimental to your “roof health.” Getting someone who layers it all on properly will prevent unnecessary repairs down the road.

4. Precision & Curb Appeal
Roof work is more than just slapping shingles onto a house – it requires precision and is a veritable “art”. Rows of shingles should ascend evenly and stay level across the whole run of the roof. Gaps between shingles should be avoided, and cut ends and ridge caps ought to look clean-cut and attractive.

Aside from the basic functionality of roofing, you are also paying for that extra boost in “curb appeal” that brings a corresponding boost in the resale value of your property.

5. Helpful Financial Advice
A good roofing contractor will not only install your new roofing in an efficient, effective manner. He will also be ready to answer all of your relevant roof-related questions and alert you to how your choices will affect the quality, longevity, and affordability of your new roof.

Additionally, you should be able to get advice on how material choices will affect things like tax deductions and the market value of your home.

Everyone loves a quality, fresh roofing job – but remember that not all contractors are created equal. We at Sheegog Contracting have a hard-earned reputation for being the best in the Central Florida Area – contact us today for helpful advice or a free quote!


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