Key Advantages Of Timely Roof Replacement

As a Central Florida homeowner, replacing your roof probably isn’t at the top of your list when you’re looking for a fun time. But choosing the right moment for roof replacement can save you money and effort – not to mention frustration.

Replacing a roof is a significant investment. Most people want to get as much use out of their existing roof as they can. But it’s crucial to pick the correct time to embark on your roof replacement in Central Florida. Waiting just a few months too long can drastically shift the costs you have to bear.

These days, risks to your roof come from more than the weather. Aggressive homeowner’s insurance companies are causing more Floridians to take a cautious approach when it comes to the age of their roof. Being proactive about the state of your roof can save you thousands of dollars.

At Sheegog Contracting, we believe you have the right to make an informed decision about everything to do with your roof. Rushing to replace a roof too early can be a mistake, too. It’s a wise idea to take stock of your situation and see if you have pressing reasons to explore roof replacement.

Let’s zoom in on some of the biggest advantages of timely roof replacement:

1. A New Roof Raises the Property Value of Your Home

Nobody can predict what the housing market will look like in six months, but it’s a sure thing it won’t be a hot “seller’s market” forever. As buyers gain more influence, sellers will need to make sure there are no roadblocks to a deal. An aging roof is one of the biggest ones, and it’s completely under your control.

During a home inspection, the roof is one of the biggest areas of contention. You can be certain it will get plenty of attention from an inspector, so why not make your life easier? No buyers want to pay for new roofing in just a few years, but they also find it harder to walk away from a brand new roof!

2. A New Roof Helps You Avoid Insurance Headaches

Florida is in the middle of what some have called an “insurance crisis.” Even if your roof is only a few years old, you may get demands from your insurance agency to upgrade or replace it. This isn’t just happening in coastal areas, either: Central Florida communities far inland are also being targeted.

Insurers are inscrutable, basing many of their decisions on mathematical models and algorithms the average person can’t even access. Instead of trying to predict them, run the numbers on a new roof when yours reaches seven years of age. You may even save money in the long run!

3. A New Roof Gives You an Opportunity to Improve Your Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation is a rating of your home’s ability to withstand storm-force winds. Over the years, Florida has come up with sophisticated standards to help minimize wind damage. Unfortunately, they aren’t being used consistently because some wind mitigation upgrades can only be done during roof replacement.

Your Central Florida roof replacement may be your only opportunity in 20 years to bring your wind mitigation to the highest levels. And it’s a worthwhile proposition: While it doesn’t add much to the project cost, it can lead to insurer incentives that will help you save on your premiums.

4. A New Roof Is a Chance to Embrace Solar Panels

Florida isn’t called “the Sunshine State” for nothing! Boasting one of the highest totals of sunny days in the United States, it is the perfect place for solar energy. With solar panels, you may reduce your electric bill from hundreds of dollars a month to just a few dollars each month.

Older roofs were not designed with solar panels in mind and can’t always use them to their maximum efficiency. On the other hand, even today’s shingle roofs are made to work with your solar panels. This enhances the ability of the panels to collect solar radiation and put their energy to use.

5. A New Roof May Have Superior Performance Qualities

When you’ve seen one roof, you’ve seen them all, right? Well, not necessarily. At Sheegog Contracting, we offer a full assortment of Central Florida roofing materials ranging from reliable shingles to clay tiles and residential metal roofing. Each one comes with its own distinctive style and unique advantages.

A new roof is likely to be more durable and weather resistant than your existing one, even if your old roof is in good shape. Higher reflectivity in new roofing materials also helps divert excess solar radiation, so you save money on cooling. You’ll be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with a new roof!

6. A New Roof Gives You the Peace of Mind You Deserve

A new roof might seem like a splurge, right up until you wake up one day and find out that your current roof is leaking. Roof leaks generally don’t happen all at once: They develop gradually over the course of multiple weather events as small problems turn into bigger ones.

A new roof means less worrying about water intrusion, mold, damage to your cherished personal property, and worse. Your family will rest easy with a new roof overhead and you will have many opportunities to control your long-term costs. A new roof means fewer repairs and easier annual roof inspections.

7. A New Roof Is an Investment in the Future

In today’s crazy real estate market, selling your home is only one way to go. If you are planning to pass a home down to future generations, getting a new roof now is something your children and grandchildren will thank you for. It means ten, twenty, or even thirty years of reduced roofing worries.

Florida Roof Replacement Is Easier than You Might Think

When you break down the overall costs of a new roof throughout its lifetime, you will usually find you are paying only a few dollars a month for all it has to offer. A Central Florida roofing contractor is your best ally in determining how long your current roof will last and whether now is the best time to replace it.

It’s essential to choose roof replacement before an old roof chooses it for you!

At Sheegog Contracting, we make it easy for you to get the high-quality roof you want. Our experienced team of Central Florida roofing contractors uses the 5-Step Sheegog Process to make sure there are no surprises along the way. You get a roof you can truly rely on, on time and within the agreed budget.

As your roof ages, it’s more likely to cost you a premium in repairs. Roof replacement is often a better solution than ongoing roof repair, especially if repairs are getting more expensive. Sheegog will help you end the cycle and get a great new roof you can feel confident about.

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