Major Factors In Deciding On Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a necessity that is going to come around sooner or later – it’s inevitable. The key, then, is to time it right so that you get the most out of your previous roofing while avoiding unnecessary risks and taking full advantage of all the benefits of a new roof.
Here are 10 key factors to take into account when making the decision on when to replace your old roofing:

1. Age Of The Roof
By not waiting too long to invest in a new roof, you will avoid possible water damage and frequent roof repair needs towards the end of a roof’s (25-plus-year) life span. Old shingles simply don’t perform as well as brand new ones, and they can create undue risks of damage to your home.

2. Warranty Length
Once you are past your roof’s manufacturer’s warranty, it’s prime time to consider replacing it. Renewing warranty coverage by installing new shingles will set your mind at ease – provided you trust a reliable contractor to install roofing in a way that fully upholds the terms of the warranty.

3. Boost Curb Appeal
Is your old roofing beginning to look faded, worn, or even “shabby.” Perhaps, the granules have mostly blown off the shingles and into the gutter? A new, quality roofing job will be a virtual “facelift” to your home and greatly boost its overall “curb appeal.”

4. Increase Resale Value
When getting ready to list your home, roof replacement is one of the best ways to increase property value to help you fetch a better selling price. A new roof also makes a listed property sell easier and faster in most cases.

5. Raise Energy Efficiency
Not only do old roofs sometimes leak water, they also often leak air. That is, installing new roofing will give you the chance to significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home – and if you are installing a more efficient HVAC system and raising energy efficiency in other ways at the time, it only makes sense to change old roofing while you’re at it.

6. Doing Other Roof Work
If you are already planning on having skylights installed or solar panels installed on your roof, it will mean tearing up some of the roofing. When your roof is already near the end of its life and you are doing other roof work anyway, it makes sense to replace the roofing at the same time.

7. Health & Safety Reasons
If part of your roof has caved in or shingles are frequently blowing off after every storm, this creates a safety and liability hazard. Also, if mold and mildew have taken hold on your roof deck, rafters, and attic floor/insulation, that creates a health hazard. Maybe it’s time for a change?

8. New Products Available
When your roofing is decades old, you may not realize that newer, better shingles, underlayment, and other roofing products may now be available. An upgrade could make a huge difference both because of the age and type of roofing now on your rooftop.

9. Insurance Issues
If you have homeowners insurance that will cover a new roof, perhaps after extensive storm damage, that’s a big reason to not delay in taking advantage of the coverage.

10. Time Of Year
You can get a new roof put in any time of year, but the summer and drier months are ideal. On the other hand, off-season installation is sometimes discounted.

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