New Roof Checklist: Key Factors To Consider First

A new roof is an investment that can really pay off – especially here in Central Florida.

It wasn’t long ago when coastal communities were sounding the alarm about overpriced home insurance. Now, those issues are coming inland. Many Central Florida residents recently received a notice saying their insurance premiums will increase by $100 or even more monthly, starting in August.

By the latest figures, the average policy is now $6,000 a year. That’s four times the national average.

Many families are reconsidering if Florida will be affordable for them in the long run. For those in a position to stay, it’s crucial to be a responsible steward of your home and other resources. With a new roof, you can head problems off at the pass – and be less likely to have your insurance policy revoked.

At a time when millions of Floridians are bracing for truly shocking insurance premiums, it might seem like an odd moment to invest funds in your roof. But it could make a significant difference in your costs in more than one way. Not only is insurance affected, but also your energy efficiency and cooling costs.

With Sheegog Contracting, you even have convenient in-house financing options.

But a new roof is a big decision. No matter what you choose to do or who you work with, it’s essential to go into it with all the information you need. With that in mind, our team hopes to make things a little bit easier for you. This guide will help you understand all the biggest issues to keep in mind as you move forward.

The Most Important Things to Consider When Getting a New Roof

What matters most when you’re getting a new roof in Central Florida? While some of the factors are obvious, others are less so – and all of them matter. To serve you well, a roof should last at least ten years, and some types of Florida roofs can endure for three times as long. To get there, everything needs to line up.

Let’s take a closer look at how to maximize the value of your new roof:

1. Choose a Good Florida Roofing Contractor

Even the highest quality roofing system, carefully selected to meet all of your other goals, can still run into problems if it isn’t installed by a roofing team made up of experienced professionals. And unless your roofing team is licensed, bonded, and insured, your insurance company may not recognize their work.

Any reputable Florida roofing contractor will help you out by providing you with copies of their license and any other relevant information you need. You should also look on websites like the Better Business Bureau and Yelp to see reviews from real customers, but bear in mind competitors can leave false negative reviews.

2. Decide on the Best Florida Roofing Material

The best roofing material for you really depends on your goals. For a reliable option that everybody knows a little bit about, choose shingle roofing. Shingle is durable, versatile, and can fit into any aesthetic – ideal if it’s your last roof before you plan to sell. Buyers love a new roof and it gives you more negotiating leverage.

For those who want a premium roof with plenty of potential, consider residential metal roofing. Metal roofing can cut hundreds off of your cooling costs by reflecting more solar radiation from your roof. And both shingle and metal can be enhanced with solar panels, potentially bringing your monthly electric bill close to zero.

3. Source Materials from a Trusted Manufacturer

There are many roofing manufacturers out there, and they vary in quality. To enjoy the best quality, you need to work with a roofer who is deeply experienced with a top roofing brand like GAF. GAF is America’s leading brand in shingle roofing, with innovation and quality packed into affordable products.

Sheegog Contracting is proud to enjoy a status as a certified GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor. This amounts to thousands of hours of hands-on experience and training in GAF’s latest products. Our reputation enables us to access these products at a significant discount and pass the savings on to you.

4. Remember the Power of Curb Appeal

If you plan to sell your home within the next five years, your new roof is even more vital. It can be a good plan to choose a shingle roof in a situation like this since it’s often useful to match the roofs in your neighborhood.

Still, that doesn’t mean you need to have a boring roof. High quality architectural shingles from GAF can add a compelling dimensionality to your roof. And with GAF’s patented technology, you benefit from greater energy efficiency and more resistance to storm damage – factors that are sure to appeal to anyone.

Want to boost the power of your roof’s curb appeal even more? Consider a coat of exterior paint that matches the roof. Repainting the door can also make it look new, and a touch of landscaping brings it all together nicely.

5. Get All Applicable Warranties or Guarantees

Whether your roof comes with any warranties or guarantees depends in large part on the roofing contractor you work with. A guarantee is provided by the contractor and is a way of standing behind their work. On the other hand, a warranty is offered by the manufacturer – but not every roofing contractor will qualify.

As a certified GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, Sheegog Contracting is empowered to extend the brand’s highest levels of warranty to our customers based on which roofing product they’ve chosen to purchase. This can support you with superior protection in the event of storm damage and other Florida hazards.

6. Plan for Your Future Maintenance Needs

Every roof has different maintenance needs, and they will influence the total cost of ownership throughout the lifespan of your roof. Florida homeowners are most familiar with shingle roofs, which require a roof inspection yearly. If you’re not getting inspections done, the service life of your roof may be cut in half.

On the other hand, some roofs have reduced or different needs. For instance, metal roofing boasts such huge weather resistance that it can usually be inspected every other year. Concrete tile and clay tile roofs are on the heavier side, so their main concern is cracking, but they are nearly impervious to wind uplift.

7. Manage Upfront and Long-Term Costs

Long-term costs are mostly determined by the length of time you can expect your roof to remain sound and the amount you’ll spend on it each year. A regular roof inspection means roof repairs will be less costly if they do happen, so as long as you’re maintaining your roof, upfront costs are really the main issue.

It pays to invest in the expertise and materials that will keep your roof going strong, and we know that can be a big lift for a household budget. To make things easier for you, Sheegog Contracting is glad to feature our own in-house financing. This helps families like yours move forward on a roofing project without having to wait.

8. Include Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation is a secret weapon when it comes to slowing down the increase in your insurance premiums. The most powerful wind mitigation technologies may cut hundreds a year off your bill, but they can only be installed when the roof is being replaced.

Be sure you’re working with a roofing contractor who understands how to document wind mitigation measures in a way your insurer approves of. Once the new roof is in place, there’s no going back!

9. Optimize Insulation and Ventilation

An appropriate amount of high quality insulation helps facilitate the natural heat cycle in your home. During the heat cycle, warm air rises and escapes. If hot air gets trapped in a home, it can overheat your shingles. They will look fine, but they’ll actually be as soft and weak as if they’d sustained a direct hail strike.

Correct insulation practices will also make it easier for your air conditioning to reach and maintain the target temperature without constantly cycling. Ventilation is the other half of the equation. Your roofing contractor should verify there are sufficient vents in the new roof to enable the free flow of air.

10. Get Everything in Writing

Putting things in writing is a mark of good project management – that is, the ability to actually plan and deliver your roofing project on time and within budget. Sheegog Contracting combines technical roofing skills with project management in a way few other Central Florida roofing contractors do.

Your project manager is your single point of contact from start to finish. As part of that commitment, you get a full scope of work in writing.

There’s a lot to think about with these ten factors, and it can feel overwhelming when you’re going it alone. To make things easier, it’s best to start with your selection of a roofing contractor and go from there. A good roofing contractor in Central Florida will work with you to ensure that everything else meets your expectations.

Sheegog Contracting Is the Name You Can Trust for New Roof Installation in Central Florida

With years of experience and an unbeatable commitment to quality, Sheegog Contracting is with you every step of the way when you need a new roof in Central Florida. Our industry experience means you don’t have to fret about unreliable subcontractors and you can get the highest quality roofing materials at the best prices.

We live where we work, and the odds are good that your friends and neighbors have already seen the results we can provide. Customers come back to us again and again thanks to our proven five-step roofing process, making it a simple and straightforward process to get your roof replacement with no surprises.

Just like you, many of our customers get started by doing their research online. This helped them get off on the right foot, but you shouldn’t make your move based only on what a website says. We invite you to call us, discuss your needs, and get answers to all of your questions. There’s no obligation.

After that, the next step is an on-site meeting where your roofing project manager will assess your current roof and determine how to turn your goals into a working plan of action. From there, you can enjoy the benefits of your very own brand new roof in a matter of days – and we’re there to handle your future needs, too.

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