New Roof? Choose Your Roofing Materials Wisely

“New roof, new me.” It’s not a common saying, but maybe it should be.

The most common roof in Central Florida is the shingle roof. But there are also plenty of other options. And those others aren’t just shingle roofing by another name. When you choose new roofing materials, you get performance qualities no other materials can match. They really can affect your whole home.

Naturally, there are benefits and trade-offs to every kind of roof. But most people don’t realize that the benefits can be so profound. The right roof can help you save money on your energy bill, cut down the amount of roof maintenance you need in a year, and much more.

And it gives you the opportunity for a truly beautiful new roof.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some Central Florida alternative roofing options so you can see if any of them might be right for you. After that, you can get expert advice from a trusted Central Florida roofing company like Sheegog Contracting before you make your decision.

But let’s start with old reliable: A shingle roof in Florida.

There are No Surprises When You Have a Shingle Roof

Shingle roofing is popular in Florida for good reason. A shingle roof is almost always the least expensive option per square foot. If a new roof is an investment you’re not excited to make, a shingle roof may be the answer to reduce the financial repercussions – without having to settle for a lower-quality roof.

There are many different styles and types of shingles, including top-quality dimensional shingles that add greater architectural flair to your roof. These shingles can be thicker and sturdier than standard shingles, but they don’t necessarily create more waste or use more energy in manufacturing.

In fact, shingle roofing is consistently at the forefront when it comes to new and better ways to reduce waste. This isn’t just good for the environment, but good for your bottom line. It means less material is used, so roofing manufacturers can pass significant savings on to their customers.

Of course, to get the best savings available, you’ll want to work with a Central Florida roofing expert. An established roofer gets deeper discounts from roofing manufacturers. As a GAF Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor, for example, Sheegog Contracting accesses the best deals from GAF.

Once your new roof is installed, the benefits keep coming. You generally need a shingle roof inspection just once each year, a month or two before the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Shingle roofs are easy to maintain, lowering your costs, and you’ll usually be able to spot any problems from ground level.

Residential Metal Roofing Is the Biggest Money Saver

Over the last ten years, residential metal roofing has skyrocketed in popularity. It’s quickly become the #2 most requested roof throughout many Florida communities, including right here in Central Florida.

If you’ve been in the area long, you no doubt remember driving through the countryside and seeing lots of agricultural buildings with metal roofs. Barns, grain silos, and much more have used metal roofing for generations. But residential metal roofing offers a completely different quality experience.

With residential metal roofing, you have the opportunity to reflect more than half of the solar radiation that strikes your roof. The lighter the roof’s color, the more energy will be deflected. This means you will find it much easier to keep your home cooler, spending less money on cooling in the process.

Every building has a natural heat cycle in which hot air tends to rise. Issues with your roof and walls can sabotage this natural cycle. But when you have a brand new residential metal roof, it enhances the cycle like nothing else out there. You end up cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Residential metal roofing is also extremely durable. It stands up to wind, rain, and hail. It is fireproof and has a very low risk of wind uplift. Even if the roof is impacted by flying debris, the damage is usually only cosmetic. In the event of significant damage, the affected roof panel can be replaced, leaving the rest.

A residential metal roof has the potential to last decades longer than a shingle roof and it is even easier to dispose of when it finally does require roof replacement. Most of the time, you only need to get your roof inspected every other year, compared to every year with a shingle roof. That can add up to significant savings.

Florida Tile Roofs Can Last Up to a Century

Florida tile roofing is an iconic part of our unique style here in the Sunshine State. Tile roofing is closely associated with Spanish Mission architecture that harkens back to the Spanish colonial period hundreds of years ago. Many of these missions were located on the coasts, where tile roofs are most often seen.

However, any Central Florida homeowner can benefit from a breathtaking tile roof. You have two closely related options to choose from: Clay tile and concrete tile. Of these, clay tile is the one that comes to mind when most people think of a tile roof, complete with its deep, natural red color.

Because clay tiles do not need to be painted, they don’t experience much fading over time, and you can expect them to look good for the whole lifetime of your roof. Exactly how long is that? It’s not unusual for tile roofs to last a century. A tile roof may very well be the last one you ever need to buy.

Both clay tile and concrete tile are heavy. Not all structures will be able to support the additional weight. When tile is appropriate, though, it’s incredibly durable and resistant to damage. The only common risk is cracking, typically when struck by flying debris. A cracked tile can be replaced, leaving all others intact.

Florida Flat Roofing Can Surprise You

Flat roofing is more common in commercial structures than residential ones, but there are lots of good reasons to consider one for your home. Why not put your “Florida room” right up on the roof so you can get all the sun you want any time of year? Rooftop spaces are great for stargazing and so much more.

Many people enjoy the idea of a flat roof because they want to have a rooftop garden. Not only is this a terrific hobby, but it can also help you become food independent and save money on groceries. As with tile, not all buildings can support a flat roof, so you may need to have your structure assessed for suitability.

Whatever Roof Is Right for You, Sheegog Contracting Can Help

You don’t have to go it alone when it’s time to purchase a new roof. A new roof in Central Florida can be fun and exciting, with plenty of advantages for you to enjoy. It all comes down to the right roofer. Contact Sheegog Contracting to begin.


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