New Roofing! – It’s Like a Brand New House!

Curb Appeal & Other Key Benefits Of Roof Replacement

Thinking of giving your home a “makeover?” There are few upgrades you can make that will do as much to boost a home’s curb appeal power as brand new roofing!

In fact, “Does it have a new roof?” or “How old is the roofing?” is the most often expressed concern of those considering a listed piece of real estate. But it’s about more than just selling your home – it’s about living in it too!

There are many important benefits to roof replacement that homeowners can enjoy for years and decades to come. And there are many potential pitfalls and problems you risk when you wait too long to replace that old and under-performing roofing.

Curb Appeal – One Of The Most Attractive Benefits Of Roof Replacement

Although the function of roofing material is more essential than its appearance, it’s also true that part of its function is to make your home look attractive. Boosted curb appeal is one of the biggest motivations that move people to order a roof replacement job done.

In some cases, curb appeal is an extremely strong reason for replacing old roofing, even the number one factor. For example, if you are getting ready to list your home on the market, bright, new, sharp-looking roofing can do wonders to speeding up a sale. It may also fetch you a higher selling price. Consider how old, decaying roofing would have quite the opposite effect! It’s well worth it to get a new roof on a building if it amounts to removing an eyesore.

Or, if you are remodeling and renovating your home, you might even want to replace the existing roofing a bit early in some cases. For instance, let’s say you are changing the color pattern of the whole building or need roofing that better fits the new style you want your renovated home to display.

But let’s look briefly at some of the specific ways in which a brand new roof on top of your home is going to improve its overall curb appeal:

  • Fresh color –  New shingles are just brighter and “fresher” looking. Their coloration hasn’t yet had a chance to fade in the hot Florida sun. They also have all of their granules, which is the part of the shingle that the color is painted onto. Granules eventually roll off and (often) end up in your gutter.
  • Perfect condition – Older roofing is bound to have developed some imperfections over the years as it’s been subjected to harsh weather. There may be small bubbles, tears, or cracks in some of the shingles. These tiny imperfections add up to a less impressive overall curb appeal impact as compared to new roofing.
  • “Out of the box” clean – There’s no way of getting around it – you can tell when something “looks new” and when it doesn’t. Part of the reason is simply that old roofing inevitably gathers tiny particles of dirt and dust that are blowing in the wind. At first, a good rain makes it look new again. But after 20 or 30 years, it may lack that newness luster at all times.
  • A change of style – You may want to go with dimensional shingles or a different roofing brand than what’s currently on your rooftop. A newer, more appealing roofing style is out there somewhere, and your local roofer can help you find it!

10 Other Important Benefits To Timely Replacement Of Old Roofing

As a Florida homeowner, you stand to gain much through timely roof replacement. It would be difficult, in fact, to make a “complete” list of all the many ways in which new roofing benefits your home. But here are our top ten benefits, nonetheless!

  1. Avoidance of roof leaks – Old roofing is much more likely to leak than new roofing, and a roof leak can cause serious damage to your roof deck, attic insulation, and almost any part of your home’s interior.
  2. Low roof maintenance going forward – When roofing ages, it usually gets to a point where you need frequent roof repairs. This can make the cost of delaying roof replacement unwise, while with new roofing, roof repairs are likely to be infrequent (or even unneeded) for years to come.
  3. A new manufacturer’s warranty – Your old roofing’s warranty may already have run out – or at least is nearing its limit. But a re-roofing will get you (usually) about a 25-year warranty. The exact length and details, of course, vary with the material and manufacturer used.
  4. Better “resistance” – Newer roofing materials will often have additives and innovations that improve the wind, fire, water, mold/mildew, and UV light resistance levels of the shingles.
  5. Stop air leaks due to damaged roof decking – Older roofs are often as prone to air leaks as to water leaks, and this can cost you money on your power bill. (Your roofer can fix the roof deck, if necessary, after taking the old shingles off and before putting the new shingles on.)
  6. Better energy efficiency – Aside from air leaks, newer shingles are often manufactured in a way that promotes energy efficiency. They may keep conditioned air in more effectively while lessening the effect of heat transfer into the building. (Adding new vents, fans, insulation, and a radiant barrier in the attic can combine with new roofing to maximize your energy savings.)
  7. Increased property value – New roofing does much to increase the overall value of your property. This is invaluable for those wishing to sell their home – roofing has one of the highest ROI rates of any home improvement project.
  8. Save on your homeowner’s insurance premiums – While it varies from insurer to insurer, roof replacement can be a factor in determining whether your roofing is covered, to what extent it’s covered, and how much you pay each month to keep your home (and roof) insured.
  9. Health and safety benefits – New roofing is better at preventing mold and mildew growth under the shingles and inside your home – and black mold can be a major health hazard if it circulates in your HVAC system. Also, new roofing is less of a safety risk and less of a liability risk.
  10. Peace of mind – Stress reduction is worth its weight in gold. Just knowing that your roofing is brand new and not likely to be a problem going forward – not getting that nervous feeling about a roof leak when you hear a storm is on the radar screen, is a big benefit in itself.

Thus, you can see that there are many key benefits to roof replacement that go well beyond curb appeal. Curb appeal, however, is especially important to many homeowners. And no wonder, after all, around 40% (on average) of your home’s exterior surface consists of your roofing.

10 Major Pitfalls To Avoid In Regard To Your Roof

Having looked at the positive side – the potential benefits of timely roof replacement, we need to mention the negative side – the potential problems that could be caused by mismanagement of your home’s roofing.

Here are ten major pitfalls to avoid in regard to your roof and roofing:

  1. Waiting too long to tackle roof replacement – Given that water damage from a major roof leak could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair bills, it’s a big risk to delay it. At some point, the cost and risk of not replacing the old roofing are just too high.
  2. Re-roofing your home too soon – It is also possible to replace roofing shingles too soon, losing years of good service and wasting money.
  3. Roofing over – Simply adding a new layer of shingles over the old layer can damage the new shingles in a process called “telegraphing.” It shortens the life of the new shingles, and you eventually have to pay to have two layers of old shingles removed instead of just one.
  4. Failing to report a roofing claim to your home insurer – Roof damage home insurance claims can often save you a good deal of money, and that’s why you have home insurance to begin with! But sometimes homeowners forget to file a claim or are needlessly reluctant to do so.
  5. Choosing the wrong roofing material – If you in a windy area, you may want roofing with a high wind resistance rating. If you live by the sea, look for shingles that resist salt damage and algae growth. Talk to your local roofer about which specific type of roofing might be best for your location, needs, and preferences.
  6. Damaging your roof in a DIY repair attempt – All too often, homeowners try to fix a roof leak or other roofing problem themselves when they don’t actually have any experience. The result may be further damaging the roofing and then ending up calling the repairman anyway.
  7. Risking your safety in a DIY roof repair – Some homeowners, of course, know how to safely use ladders and walk on a rooftop. But many do not or cannot. If you do not feel safe working on your roof yourself, it’s always best to trust a professional to do it instead rather than risk getting injured.
  8. Assuming your roof is OK after a severe hailstorm – Many times, hail impacts severely compromise the integrity and strength of shingles even though you can’t see the problem easily from the ground. It’s best to get a roof inspection if you are unsure if your roofing has been badly damaged by hail or not.
  9. Not investing in quality roofing “accessories” – Aside from the shingles themselves, there are other important components of a complete water barrier on your roof. High-quality underlayment, water barriers in the roof valleys, flashing, roofing caulk, flashing at the eaves of the roof, and a good guttering system are also important.
  10. Choosing the wrong installation crew – It can be just as important to choose the right roofer as it is to select the best roofing. Proper installation will preserve your manufacturer’s warranty and ensure your new roofing will give you its top performance level for the maximum number of years.

Choosing The Best Local Roofing Contractor

If you believe it may be time to invest in roof replacement for your home or business property, don’t settle for anything less than the best local contractor.

There is plenty of competition in the roofing sector in Central Florida, but some companies clearly stand out from the crowd. Look for a roofing company that offers you:

  • Extensive experience
  • Intensive training
  • A proven track record
  • Friendly customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Helpful advice without pressure
  • Convenient scheduling

To learn more or to schedule a roof replacement or roof repair job in Central Florida, contact the experienced roofers at Sheegog Contracting today!


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