Reap Long-term Benefits From Timely Roof Replacement

All too often, homeowners tend to put off major repair jobs, fearful of the cost – and that very delay ends up costing them far more in the long run than in they had made a timely repair.

Roof replacement is something that doesn’t need to be done very often – every 20 to 30 years usually, but also is a project that needs to be done without delay once it is clear that it’s necessary.

Instead of focusing on the costs, however – which may not be as much as you think if you find a contractor who will show you ways to save, try focusing on the benefits of roof replacement. There are many. Too many, probably, to fully cover in a short article – but here are 9 of the most important ones to consider as you think about getting a new roof.

1. That Bright, New Beautiful Looking Building!

Tired of viewing that old, badly faded, out-of-shape looking roof? Maybe it’s time for a housetop facelift. Brand new shingles can change the aesthetics of your whole building, giving your property a much-welcome boost in “curb appeal.”

Remember that 40% to 60% of the exterior surface area of your home is likely covered by roofing material. What kind of shape it’s in and what kind of appeal it produces will be a major, even dominant, factor in your home’s overall ambiance.

Also, if you are already renovating your building’s exterior in general, with new siding for example, and spiffing up your landscaping too – you don’t want an old roof to stand out like a sore thumb and ruin the effect you are aiming at.

2. Prevent Costly Roof Leaks & Constant Maintenance

It’s no secret, really. Old roofing is more likely to develop a leak, and roof leaks can cause extensive (and expensive!) damage to your home’s interior. 

It may be that your roof is already leaking every time it rains. You may be unsure if it’s worth repairing it given the age and condition of the roofing. It’s always a judgment call that must take into account multiple factors, but you do well to lean toward the side of caution and not risk a major roof leak or the need for multiple, consecutive repairs.

In the long run, it usually costs less to invest in roof replacement than to try to artificially extend the life of roofing that “has seen its day.” You certainly don’t want to “throw good money after bad” when you could save money by getting a timely re-roofing job done.

3. Avoid Stress & Uncertainty – Get Peace of Mind!

Another benefit of roof replacement is simply the peace of mind of knowing that your new roof is going to stand up to the next Florida storm that comes your way. The lack of stress and uncertainty “bugging you” oft and on, day after day for months on end is a big benefit in itself.

There is peace in knowing you have a good roof over your head and that nothing major is likely to go wrong with it for years to come.

4. Get Your Roof Deck In Top Shape

Another benefit of roof replacement is that it’s the only time when what lies below your roofing material becomes fully visible. That gives the contractors the chance to examine your roof deck thoroughly.

Any broken or warped pieces of plywood will be replaced with strong new sheets. If there is a problem with mold or mildew or a rafter that is in need of repair, this is the ideal time to address such problems.

Additionally, you can get new vents if necessary and have new roofing flashing and felt underlayment put on. These kinds of “accessories” are crucial to keeping your new roofing functioning its very best for as long as possible.

5. Avoid Possible Future Safety Issues

When a roof gets old enough and falls into poor condition, it can also start to become a safety hazard. In Florida, strong wind storms are not unusual, and they can easily tear off loose shingles, which become dangerous projectiles during the storm. Afterward, people could step on nails in shingles strewn in the yard.

Plus, roof leaks can create safety issues too. Water hitting electrical lines and electronics is a recipe for disaster.

No one wants to let safety risks be needlessly high nor to carry the liability should anything happen. A new roof minimizes these kinds of safety-related concerns.

6. Pooling & Drainage Problems Can Be Addressed

Some old roofs tend to have poor drainage, at last in certain areas of the roof, and they may allow water to pool at points.

This can allow algae, mold, and mildew to take root, which is certainly not good for your shingles. Roof replacement can include the correction of underlying structural problems that may be contributing to poor roof drainage.

7. Home Value Increase

Upgrading your roofing with roof replacement has a major positive impact on your home’s overall value. It has one of the highest rates of return of any home improvement upgrade.

If you are planning to list your property soon, roof replacement will allow you to get a higher selling price and usually helps homes move faster on the market as well.

8. Ventilation & Energy Efficiency Upgrades

New shingles tend to be more energy-efficient than old, brittle ones. Plus, there are modern roofing materials that offer better energy efficiency to begin with.

Also, many vents and attic fans exit through the roofing, and they can conveniently be replaced, upgraded, or newly installed during the roof replacement process.

9. Solar Panel Installation Opportunity

Finally, there is no better time to “go solar” than when you are already having your roof worked on. You save time and money when you hire the same company to do both and to do both tasks as part of the same overall project.

Solar installation will save you money on your energy bill each month, give you greater energy independence, and help the environment all at the same time. And, today, it is usually very affordable.

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