Restoring Your Home To Its Pre-Storm Condition

Those who make their home in The Sunshine State know full well that it isn’t always sunny down here! Florida is a storm country, be it hurricane winds, a named tropical storm, a tornado, or a severe thunderstorm.

But you don’t have to linger long living in the aftermath of a major storm. You can reverse storm damage to your home and restore it promptly to its pre-storm condition (or even better!) using only a single, local contractor.

Here are some of the major restoration projects that typically need to be done after a major Florida storm:

1. Significant Roofing Damage: Wind & Rain

Your roofing is the most likely part of your home to suffer significant storm damage. Its position on the top of the building obviously makes it more exposed to the wind, rain, and inclement weather in general.

High winds can peel back shingle tabs, bend them over backward, and even break them clean off. You may also notice shingles that are loose, missing, or dangling by a corner post-storm. 

In a major storm, wind and water work in tandem. The wind can strip off the water barrier, and the rain then gets in to damage the roof deck or cause interior water damage via a roof leak.

This kind of storm damage is urgent and may even constitute a “roofing emergency,” so be sure to contact help without delay!

2. Roofing Shingle Damage: Hail

Even in Florida, there are times when hail may be a part of a severe thunderstorm. Hail impacts not only leave dimples on shingles but can also weaken roofing shingles structurally, drastically reducing their effectiveness and shortening their lifespan.

In the aftermath of a hail onslaught, you may need to simply replace a limited number of damaged shingles, or it may be more cost-effective over the long-term to simply go with full roof replacement. It all depends on how many shingles were damaged and on their distribution pattern across the rooftop.

Hail damage can also affect your home’s siding, landscaping, windows, and parked vehicles. A good, local contractor may be able to replace windows broken by hail and vinyl siding cracked by it at the same time that they repair your roof.

3. Roof Damage: Falling Objects

Another source of damage to roofs during a storm is from falling objects. It’s not uncommon for a tree to be knocked down and into your roof. A tree or a large branch of one may bust a hole in your roof, smash through a sidewall, or shatter a window on your home.

This will require some re-construction skills to deal with properly. The roof rafters and roof deck may need to be rebuilt at points, for example, and new windows may need to be installed.

One of the best ways to simplify this type of restoration project is to find a contractor with expertise in all the relevant areas.

4. Gutter & Downspout Repair

Frequently, gutters are left only half-attached, sagging over, or pulled away from the wall after a storm. Storm damage to guttering systems may also include bending gutters or downspouts or tearing downspouts off and scattering them in the yard.

Many roofing companies can also handle gutter repair work. And if your gutters were already old or in poor condition pre-storm, it might be a good idea to install brand new ones post-storm.

5. Damage to Windows & Screens

As mentioned above, window glass is often broken during a storm, typically by wind-borne debris or falling objects. Window screens and screened-in porches are also common casualties of Florida storm damage. In some cases, there may be structural damage to the window frame or the wall around it. 

Why not recover from storm damage by making your home better than it ever was before? This could be the opportunity to upgrade to newer, higher-quality, more energy-efficient windows and doors!

6. Interior Water Damage

A storm may have let the water in, and this could mean ruined drywall ceilings/walls, warped floorboards, damaged carpeting and furniture, and damage to home electronics.

Drywall repair, spot repainting, and other aspects of restoring your home on the inside following a storm and water leak can all be handled by a single, local contractor.

7. Storm Damage to Fencing

Last but not least, we mention the fact that fences often suffer significant damage in major Florida storms. Individual panels may be blown off or cracked, the fence may be leaning badly, or parts of the fence may have fallen completely down.

For those who own a dog or who value their privacy at home, losing the full use of their fence is no small matter. This, too, is a major post-storm restoration need.

Has your Florida home suffered the effects of a major storm recently? All seven of the above-listed areas of storm damage (and more) can be addressed by calling Sheegog Contracting today!

Sheegog Contracting is a local Central Florida contractor that offers full home restoration repairs and upgrades to local homeowners. We can survey the storm damage done to your roof and/or other parts of your home and work with you to formulate a complete home restoration plan.


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