Restoring Your Roof After Storm Damage

In the aftermath of a hurricane or other major Florida storm, home restoration efforts become a major focus. There may be numerous elements that need to be included in your overall restoration plans, but this much is clear – post-storm roof restoration has to be a top priority.
But how do you get it done both fast and right? Here are 7 key steps to take to ensure your house’s roofing is fully repaired post-storm:

1. Deal With Emergency Roofing Promptly
First things first. A major storm may leave tree branches stuck in your roof deck, gaping holes in your roof, or large areas where water is pouring in or at least leaking badly. This cannot wait. As soon as possible, call in an emergency roofing contractor in your local area to “stop the bleeding!”

2. Get A Full Roof Inspection Done
The second step, when weather permits, is to have a professional contractor carefully inspect your entire roof. This will entail checking for common post-storm problems like loose flashing, cracked roofing cement beads, missing shingles, or damaged ridge caps. It will also involve

3. Get Estimates & Compare Options
Quite often, you can get an estimate on repair costs at the same time you have the roof inspection done. But you may want to get more than one quote and compare contractors too. In any case, be sure you have a reasonably close estimate and are not dealing with a company with a reputation for surprise charges. Take the time to read roofing contractor reviews so you can compare the quality of workmanship as well as price quotes.

4. Talk To Your Homeowners Insurance Provider
Before finalizing a decision on which roofing company to use, you will need to be sure your home insurance provider is willing to cover the repairs. You will also need to understand exactly how much, if any, of the costs will be out of pocket so you can prepare financially for the project.

5. Set A Date For The Work To Begin
Next, you will want to check the weather forecast, your own schedule, and the roofer’s schedule so you can find the perfect date for the work to begin. Repairs or roof replacement could take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on the size of the roof and the extent of the damage – so plan accordingly.

6. Have A Clean-up Plan In Place
Another aspect of roof repair to think about is the clean-up plan. To have repairs or replacement done safely and without a big mess is a huge issue – it’s about more than just the shingles themselves. The process matters too. Be sure your roofer will take steps to enhance site safety and minimize mess.

7. Repair Interior Roof-leak Damage
There is no sense trying to repair interior damage done by roof leaks until after your roofing again creates a reliable water barrier like it’s supposed to. Once the job is done, you have prevented further interior damage and opened the way to repair past damage.

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