Roof Repair Safety Tips

A leaky roof, a blown off shingle, or a dangling piece of roof flashing is a clear sign that it’s roof repair time. If you aren’t comfortable trying to fix these and other roof problems yourself, be sure to contact a professional, local Central Florida roofing contractor, be for those considering the DIY route, don’t neglect to follow all roof safety protocols.
Here are some basic roof repair safety tips that everyone should be aware of:

1. General Roof Safety Tips
First of all, do a walk around of your house from a distance and take note of all potentially dangerous areas on or near your roof before even heading up. Make a mental note of the location of power lines as well as vents and other obstacles on the roof that could be tripping hazards.

Never work on a wet roof. And choose a day that is not overly hot or cold for the task, as that kind of weather can make shingle damage more likely. Wear soft soled shoes or boots with high traction.

For major repairs, you may need to put in temporary toe boards and roof jacks with wood planks to make walking the roof easier. And it’s recommended to wear a safety harness tied to a roof anchor.

2. Good Ladder Safety
Before using a new ladder, be sure to read all the warning labels because not all ladders work exactly the same. And never use a damaged ladder that is unstable or liable to break while you’re on it.

Don’t place ladders too close to power lines, and watch to make sure you avoid them while moving the ladder too. Obviously, it’s even more important to keep your distance from electricity with metal ladders than with wood ones.

Place the ladder on a level, sturdy surface about a fourth distance of the ladder’s height from the roof. For example, a 12 foot tall ladder should be 3 feet out from the eave. Be sure the ladder extends at least a few feet above the roof edge. And never stretch further than arm length away from the ladder while working off of it.

Never walk up a ladder with wet, slippery rungs. Never put more than the maximum weight limit on the ladder. And always have three contact points with the ladder while climbing (hands and feet), while centering your body mid-rung.

3. Additional Roof Repair Tips
Here are some final roof repair safety tips. Always be conscious of where the power lines are while on a roof so you don’t accidentally touch them with your hands, hammer, or another tool.

Don’t ever point a nail gun, if you use one, towards another person or aimlessly out into the air, and don’t tinker with the end of the gun (if it gets stuck) until the air hose is disconnected.

If you have to bring up a bundle of roofing shingles or several tools, never carry too much at once. Multiple trips with lighter loads is safer.

Finally, if disposing of old shingles, don’t throw them off the roof unless they will land where you can see and you give a warning call first.

For fast, affordable, and expert handling of all manner or roof repairs, feel free to contact Sheegog Contracting for a quote and quick response. But if you do it yourself, put safety first!


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