Roof Replacement Done Safe & Clean

When your old roofing is showing its age, constantly getting leaks, or maybe has just been ruined in a major Florida storm, roof replacement is an urgent need. While some other home repairs and upgrades might be discretionary or something you can delay – not so with re-roofing.
But when it’s time to tear off the old shingles and put on the new, you have two other concerns that quickly arise: safety and avoiding a big mess.

Keeping Roof Replacement As Safe As Possible
Stripping off your old shingles and putting on a new roof is a big job, and it can be dangerous work. That’s why you need to choose a roofing contractor to handle the job that has a reputation for always putting safety first.

That means workers following all safety standards, but it also means being aware of one’s surroundings so as to not accidentally cause injury to anyone else who may be on the ground, in the yard, while the work is going on.

Using the proper roofing and safety equipment, not venturing out on a roof in the rain or extreme wind, using harnesses where appropriate, wearing roof-gripping shoes/boots, and transporting materials safety to the rooftop via lifts are examples of good roofing safety practices.

Re-roofing Your Home Without The Big Mess
One reason some homeowners delay to undertake roof replacement is the fear that their lot will become a perpetual, dangerous mess for days on end. Choose the right roofing contractor, however, and that need not be the case.

Tear off can be done in an organized, efficient manner. Tarps on the ground near the eaves can catch all the materials tossed off the rooftop. Dumpsters can be rented and brought on-site so that clean up can be done at day’s end each day of the job.

A rolling magnet will be able to pick up nails that may have wandered into the grass. And packaging from shingles and other materials should be thrown into the dumpster instead of left to blow around in your backyard. The list goes on.

How To Find A Great Local Roofing Contractor
When searching for a local roofing contractor to tackle your re-roofing job, you have to, of course, make quality workmanship, use of quality roofing materials, years of experience, local reputation, and great customer service major factors affecting your choice.

But don’t forget to ask about safety practices and about job clean up practices too. Not all roofers are responsible in these matters, so take the time to include these factors in your overall decision-making process.

Read online reviews, peruse galleries of past jobs of prospective roofing candidates, check out BBB ratings or Angie’s List, and talk to past customers directly if possible to get an idea of which company you can rely on.

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