Roof Replacement In St. Augustine: Why Sheegog Contracting Is The Trusted Choice

Roof replacement is a big decision no St. Augustine homeowner would want to take lightly. You need to choose the right materials, the right style, and most of all, the right roofing vendor. For many families, it can take months to dive in and get started. But it’s important not to wait too long.

Sometimes, replacing a roof in St. Augustine is the best move you can make.

The Unique Threats to Your Roof in St. Augustine

As a roof ages, it gets harder to maintain and care for. This is especially true of shingle roofing in Florida. While many roofing manufacturers estimate their roofs last 30 years or more, that’s often not the case here. High heat and heavy wind and rain reduce the lifespan of your roof.

This is especially true in St. Augustine thanks to its coastal location.

When you are right on the coast, it means your structure is vulnerable to salt attack. Salt from the sea air can end up on the exterior surfaces of your home. That will affect both the roof and the foundation, since salt leaves concrete vulnerable to cracking.

It is not always obvious when weathering has done significant damage to a roof. Instead, it might simply spring a leak when heavy rain rolls in. Sudden leaks often spread quickly, making roof repair impractical. Roof replacement becomes the only viable option.

To make matters worse, insurers have been tightening their restrictions on homeowner’s insurance for roofs that are ten years old or more. This especially applies to shingle roofs in comparison to roofs like clay tile or metal roofing that can be expected to work effectively for over 40 years.

At any time, your insurer could decide that renewing your policy depends on getting an all new roof.

Roof replacement can look like a big, intimidating prospect, especially when it happens on a timeline not your own. Whatever the case, you don’t have to brave the storm on your own. At Sheegog Contracting, our team is here for you no matter your budget or the size of your job.

Choosing the Right Roofer in St. Augustine

Florida has traditionally had a lot of problems with roofing scams. After a storm, con artists come out of the woodwork acting as roofing contractors. They offer to work at a discount in exchange for being paid in cash. Then, of course, they disappear with the money.

You should never trust anyone who goes door to door claiming to be a roofer in St. Augustine!

These days, any reputable roofer will have a website. If the brand claims to have been around for a long time, there will be records. Just as importantly, you will find reviews on impartial platforms like Google Reviews that show they can deliver the performance they claim.

Even so, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to pick a roofer in St. Augustine.

You have dozens of different options. Most of them are trained professionals who will legitimately try to do their best for you. But you want to make sure you make the selection that will give the most value: A quality roof that will perform for years with basic maintenance.

And it never hurts if that comes at a price you can be happy about.

That might seem like asking for a lot, but it doesn’t have to be. No matter whether you choose us or one of the other guys, we want to be sure you can make an informed choice that fits your needs. With that in mind, we want you to know exactly what to look for in a Florida roofer.

Here are the facts you should check on for a great St. Augustine roof:

1. Your Florida Roofing Contractor Should Have Plenty of Experience

How long does it take to learn to be an effective roofer?

Let’s just say that if you’re someone’s first roof replacement job, they should pay you!

It is crucial for any good roofer to have years of experience. That translates to two benefits:

  • Understanding the roofing materials in use and getting the most value from them
  • Knowing how to plan and cost a project correctly so that everything goes smoothly

Owner Marty Sheegog has mastered both these important elements of making roofing easier for our customers. He started his career in construction as a project manager, so he has always had an eye for the timing, costs, and staffing to deliver even the most complex roofing work.

After falling in love with Florida, he has practiced here since 2014. Overall, he has more than a decade of expertise and has hired many roofers with 15 or more years of work behind them. It is crucial not to pick a roofer who is new to the job. Five years of experience is the minimum.

A roofer’s experience helps avoid installation mistakes that can make your roof vulnerable to issues, perhaps as quickly as days after the roof is laid. This happens, for example, when new roofers try to install metal roofing systems they are unfamiliar with and leave gaps between the panels.

Having experience also means building trust within the industry. Sheegog Contracting works directly with the roofing brands that produce today’s best shingles, metal roofs, and other products.

We are certified by GAF as a Master Elite Roofing Contractor. This means our team has undergone substantial training with GAF roofing materials and we can access them at a discount. We have also been tested on business knowledge, ethics, and much more.

There’s nothing wrong with roofers who are just starting out – many of them have a bright future ahead. But in most cases, they should only be working under supervision. When you need your roof replaced in St. Augustine, go to the pros.

2. Your Florida Roofing Contractor Should Be Known in the Community

There are plenty of large national roofing contractors out there – why not go with them?

The problem with the “big guys” in roofing is similar to what you’ll find in pest control, landscaping, and lots of other industries. They have plenty of business, so none of their customers make a big difference to them. That leads to cutting corners on quality and just “getting by.”

Sure, any well run business should grow over time. But it’s critical not to lose sight of what makes any company work: The customers! At Sheegog, our entire company culture is built around one simple fact: Our team is made up of local homeowners who care about the community and about your well-being.

Based right here in Winter Park, just on the other side of Daytona Beach, Sheegog Contracting is not going anywhere. Our Google reviews tell the tale of satisfied customers, both homeowners and business owners, in St. Augustine and throughout the Sunshine State.

With a 4.8 average score after 73 Google reviews, we are one of the highest rated roofing contractors in Florida. We also have a 5/5 score from the Better Business Bureau, where we are an accredited roofing firm with an A+ rating. You can also look up our roofing license online – just input our name.

Whether the job is big or small, never settle for a company you can’t verify – even if it seems like they’re based in Florida. Today’s best roofers are serious about providing a consistent experience that you will love. Use your street smarts and avoid any so called “roofer” whose story just doesn’t add up.

3. Beware – Your Florida Roofer Usually Shouldn’t Be the Lowest Bidder

We know the average homeowner has no reason to keep up with the cost of roofing. In any home, you will probably only replace the roof once before selling the property or passing it down. Unfortunately, less qualified roofers will confidently offer a lower price than they can really deliver.

In an ideal world, a lower bid would reflect a terrific bargain. In reality, it means there’s been a failure to plan. This usually goes back to experience. When a roofer makes a dramatically low bid, they are betting that everything will go exactly according to plan, from the price of materials to the weather.

When something does go wrong, that usually means they come back to you with unexpected charges.

Even roofers who aren’t very good can have a formal contract written up, so be sure you take a close look at it. At Sheegog Contracting, we pride ourselves on putting everything in writing so there are no surprises. That includes the cost, the timeline, and exactly what will happen if something goes wrong.

Some things in roofing are hard to predict. What seemed to be a simple roof repair at first may conceal far more serious damage, suggesting better results with a full teardown and roof replacement. But you should always be informed, and never left paying more without your consent.

Through our deep knowledge of the unique roofing technologies, styles, and hazards here in Florida, we can offer a value price for top-quality service. Nonetheless, it’s typically a wise idea to get multiple bids. If you notice someone charging radically less than the others, be wary of what they’re really offering.

Established roofing firms can use their industry reputation to help you meet your goals on your budget. At Sheegog Contracting, we offer full roof replacement financing so you don’t have to wait. That’s vital when damage to the roof could be getting worse every day and time is of the essence.

The Sheegog Difference: How We Approach Every Project

After installing hundreds of shingle roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, and more, our team knows how to do the job right the first time. To make your life easier, we’ve taken a “bird’s eye” view that enables us to achieve more in less time for a better price.

All the issues we’ve warned about above have been reflected to us by industry peers and by customers who come to us looking for true Florida roofing excellence. Through all of our work, we have developed a distinctive way of doing things that is much better for homeowners like you.

If there’s one element that makes the difference here at Sheegog, it’s transparency.

Transparency means nothing happens behind your back or without your consent. It also means that we will treat your property with respect in everything we do – from planning our entry in a way that keeps us out of your way to cleaning up all debris and roofing nails before we declare the job done.

Our process is broken down into five steps that lead to consistent results:

1. The Meeting

Every engagement should start with the contractor getting to know you and your needs. In roof repair or roof replacement, that means your project manager. Getting the complete picture of your goals is the first step to getting you where you need to go.

We encourage you to use the meeting time to ask any questions you might have. You should only pick a roofing contractor who is able to offer full, substantive answers. If you choose to go forward, we then schedule an on-site meeting to put together the scope of work.

2. The Scope

During the Scope phase, our team will fully survey your property and document any details relevant to the project. If you are getting roof replacement done, this is usually when the existing roof will be fully inspected to ensure we can bring it down easily and safely.

The scope is one of the most important phases in any roofing project because it results in the written contract you will be offered. This is another chance for you to ask questions about the approach and ensure you are on track to get the best roofing products for you.

3. The Plan

With a clear plan, you know exactly what you are going to get. The plan includes the total breakdown of all materials, time spent, and staffing. It also uses the information gathered in the scope phase to make sure we will be fully supplied with water, electric, and entry and exit points without disrupting your day.

Details of the plan are not “locked in” until you sign it. It includes materials estimates that may change if too much time elapses. Still, we want you to have every opportunity to get the facts you need. We are glad to wait for you to have the contract reviewed by a lawyer if you wish.

4. The Project

The project is the “big day” – and yes, even in the case of a roof replacement, it can often be done in just one day. After all, a house without a roof isn’t a home. Clear communication is the key during the project phase. Your dedicated project manager will always be a quick call or text away.

In Florida, big roofing projects often begin early in the morning and are done before the afternoon heat starts to sink in. While this is a common approach with Sheegog, we will also work with you around your schedule. Nothing is too big or too small to ensure you are fully satisfied.

5. The Follow Through

When a roof is replaced, the old one must first be removed, including all the shingles or panels, the fasteners, and more. At Sheegog, we never leave any of this behind. Using the most advanced magnet technology around, we’ll locate every single nail and leave your property as clean as we found it.

Before the job is considered “done,” everything is inspected according to our exacting quality control process. We also invite you to review the work. We are not satisfied until you are. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations.

Dealing with roofing woes usually isn’t fun, but it can be easy. With Sheegog Contracting, your full roof replacement is always done fast and well. That means you can enjoy peace of mind for many years to come, a lower overall cost of homeownership, and a higher value for your property.

Contact us today to find out more or get started. We look forward to helping you soon.


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