Roof Replacement Q&A: From Start To Finish Here’s What You Can Expect

Roof replacement is one of the best investments a Central Florida homeowner can make.

Insurers are on the hunt for reasons to drop Central Florida homeowner’s insurance policies – and their excuses are getting more creative by the day. One of the most common is the age of your roof. Although a good shingle roof can last up to 30 years, insurers now want roofs to be less than ten years old.

That puts homeowners in a situation where they may need to replace a roof in Central Florida three or even four times across the lifetime of their mortgage. That can be a crushing financial burden on top of skyrocketing insurance rates. But with help from the right Central Florida roofing contractor, things go much more easily.

As a GAF Certified Master Elite roofing contractor with years of experience, Sheegog Contracting has perfected the roof replacement process in Central Florida. Our unique five step process is the bedrock of a fast, simple roofing approach that ensures you always know what to expect.

On top of that, our strong relationship with GAF enables us to source high quality roofing materials quickly and at a deep discount. We pass the savings on to you and you never need to worry about a long wait for the right materials – unlike newer roofers who might buy materials from your local building supply store at retail price.

Roof Replacement Is Easier Than You Might Think: Here’s How It All Works

In most cases, total roof replacement in Central Florida can be completed within a week. Much of that time is dedicated to making sure we have all the information we need and you have a complete roofing contract you can be pleased about. The roof replacement process itself may take one, two, or sometimes three days.

Naturally, weather conditions and other outside factors may influence the timeline. Likewise, you have all the time you need to ask questions, review documents, and make your decisions. Still, roof replacement isn’t an issue that needs to disrupt your life. It can be taken care of practically and quickly.

Three of the steps in Sheegog Contracting’s Five-Step Process happen before the actual roof replacement. This gives you the opportunity to get all the information you want to make an informed choice. At the end of this portion of roof replacement, you are on the schedule and will soon have your new roof in Central Florida.

Let’s take a look at how it all plays out:

1. The Meeting

Some roofing contractors will estimate your work over the phone based on the type of roof you want and the square footage of your home. At Sheegog Contracting, we’ve learned that the best way to get the job done is with a personal touch. That’s why the meeting always takes place right at your home.

During the meeting, your experienced roofing contractor will assess the current state of your roof and discuss your options for roof replacement. This assessment isn’t a full inspection, but it will help us to understand if anything unusual might make it more difficult to remove your current roof – which is not usually an issue.

The meeting is a terrific time to learn about various roofing options that you might not have considered before.

For instance, the most common roofing in Central Florida is shingle. Shingle roofing is preferred because it is easy to take care of and usually has the lowest cost per square foot. However, it’s really only the beginning of your options. We can walk you through all the best roofing in Central Florida.

One alternative that has seen a lot of interest lately is residential metal roofing.

With residential metal roofing, you’ll save significantly on roof repair costs. That’s because you can generally get your roof inspected once every other year, instead of every year like a shingle roof. In the event of damage, just the damaged panels can be replaced, leaving the others intact.

Rain and hail run right off metal roofing, while its unique construction strengthens it against wind. It is also highly resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. Because it is fireproof, you’ll have much less to worry about from drifting sparks during fire season. And it helps you save hundreds or even thousands per year on electricity.

Central Florida homeowners are choosing residential metal roofing more frequently because it lasts 30 to 50 years in comparison to the average 20-year lifespan of shingle roofing. While nobody can predict what your insurer will do in advance, most insurance companies recognize metal roofing does not need frequent replacement.

You could also pick clay tile, concrete tile, flat roofing, and more. Whatever you choose, the meeting is complimentary and comes with no obligation. You will never be pressured to make a decision right away.

If you decide to go forward with your roof replacement, your roofing contractor will take your requirements back to the rest of our team and we’ll develop a scope of work. The scope of work is the next part of the five step roofing process, and helps make sure you have everything you need to know in writing.

2. The Scope

Any good contractor should come ready to develop a complete, written scope of work.

The scope of work establishes everything that will get done when it will get done, and approximately what it will cost. Some costs can vary; for example, we can’t lock in the cost of all your materials until you sign off on your roofing plan. But by the time the scope of work is done, there should be no question left unanswered.

To deliver the scope of work, we’ll have a second on-site meeting where we’ll carefully survey the property. This may also entail a closer look at the existing roof. We need to get the lay of the land so we know how to get our equipment to and from the site while treating your property with the utmost respect.

This is also when we’ll ask you for a firm decision about the design and materials of your new roof.

If you need roofing samples to help you make your choice, this is when we’ll bring them over for your review. If you want custom shingle colors or anything that might take a little bit more time to procure, we can get started right away so there’ll be minimal waiting for your project’s start date.

At this point, there’s still no obligation to go forward. Our team is willing to put in hours of work before you sign on the dotted line because we want you to be truly happy with your roof. We’ll also talk to you about our in-house roofing financing so you don’t need to wait for the roofing project you know you want.

3. The Plan

When you’re happy with the scope of work, we develop it into the complete roofing plan.

The roofing plan puts every detail in black and white. It entails the final version of the project schedule and all of the costs, vetted and verified by our team. It also spells out the steps we will take if anything doesn’t go to plan, such as unexpected damage to the existing roof that makes it more difficult to remove.

The plan serves as an ironclad guarantee of exactly what you’re going to get and how we’ll make it right in the event of time or budget overruns. You’ll also be introduced to any warranties that your project qualifies for. A warranty is provided by the roofing materials manufacturer directly rather than by us at Sheegog Contracting.

Because we are a GAF Certified Master Elite roofing contractor in Central Florida, many of our projects qualify for special warranties from GAF. These warranties may cover certain issues, such as wind damage, depending on the type of roofing product that will be used on your home.

Once the plan is complete, you’ll have plenty of time to review it. Some customers even take it to their lawyer. But we do encourage you to take action as soon as you reasonably can since your roofing materials are only locked in once you commit. We’re with you every step of the way and will answer any questions you have.

Here’s What Happens on the Day of Your Roof Replacement in Central Florida

After you sign off on the plan, it’s usually only a few days before your roof replacement begins. We will work with you to find the right time on your schedule. You do not need to be present at the home as long as we’ve got access to the exterior. Of course, many homeowners choose to be there.

Here’s how the rest works:

4. The Project

Central Florida roof replacements launch early in the morning, usually at the first light of dawn, and run all the way to the start of the evening. Depending on the month, we may be at your home as early as 5 in the morning.

We bring all of our own equipment and materials, including everything we need for the work, hydration, and hygiene. When the time comes, we will also have receptacles to collect roofing waste and safely haul it away.

You are welcome to check in with us any time, though there are parts of the project where homeowners may be in danger from falling debris. We are fully licensed and insured against any accidents that might happen to our team, but we prefer you and your family take care to stay safe as well!

It can be 30 degrees hotter (or even more!) on top of your roof compared to ground level. With that in mind, we will usually take a brief break during the hottest part of the day, somewhere between noon and two o’clock. If necessary, this is also the time we have team members switch out for the day and replenish with more.

Most Central Florida roof replacements can be done in a single day, while nearly all are done in two days.

5. The Follow Through

When all is said and done, we’ll do a thorough site inspection and you can check up on our work. One of our key responsibilities is to make sure all roofing debris is safely collected and disposed of. The biggest hazard? Roofing nails, which we find using specialized magnetic equipment. Last, but not least, we complete a full follow-up with you to ensure you are thrilled with your new Central Florida roof.

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