Roof Replacement vs. Repair: Top Factors to Consider Before Deciding

Roof replacement is an investment most homeowners go into with care and consideration. Although it costs more than roof repair, it can be the right move when it comes to the safety of your home and the value of your property. That’s never been more true than it is now!

All in all, there are more positives to roof replacement than you might expect at first. That said, many people prefer to consider roof repair before any alternative. If your roof is relatively new and damage isn’t too extensive, professional roof repair can strengthen it and extend its useful life.

So, what does it look like when roof repair and roof replacement in Central Florida go head to head?

Let’s consider the two:

Roof Replacement Is the Best Strategic Move for Improving Your Home’s Value and Cost of Ownership

If you can afford it, roof replacement in Central Florida is one of the best decisions you can make.

There are many different reasons this is the case, and almost all of them have to do with the costs that accrue as your roof gets older. When you add them all up, you’ll end up saving money when you decide to replace your roof at the right time – which may be earlier than you think.

With help from a trusted Central Florida roofing contractor, you can get a complete roof inspection and go forward with confidence if the time is right. Before you decide, though, take a look at the reasons a roof replacement could be the best bet for your budget:

1. Even the Best Roofing Products Tend to Have a Shorter Service Life Here in Florida

Sheegog Contracting sources roofing materials from trusted roofing manufacturers like CertainTeed. These nationally known roofing brands tend to advertise their shingle roofing products as lasting for 20 years or more. However, Central Florida weather can shorten the lifespan of even high-quality roofing.

If your roof is more than ten years old, it’s wise to consider the possibility of replacing it. Heavy rain and high winds can age your roof before its time. Repairs become more difficult and time-consuming, which inevitably means you end up paying more in the short-term and seeing your roofer far more often.

You can add years to the life of your Florida shingle roof with regular inspections and maintenance, but this has diminishing returns. An old roof could develop multiple leaks after a harsh hurricane season, and as we’ve learned with this year’s November storms, systems can develop when you least expect them.

2. If Your Roof Is in Poor Condition, You May Be Risking Your Homeowner’s Insurance

The powerful hurricanes that struck Florida over the last few months have only deepened what experts are calling a property insurance crisis. Insurers are scrambling to save money by dodging liability for as many claims as possible – and that may mean pulling insurance from some homeowners.

Even before the recent spate of storms, lots of Florida homeowners had been stunned to receive letters from their insurers letting them know that their policy had been suspended. The reason why? Usually, it’s the roof. Insurers want roofs that are no older than ten years. Yes, ten!

If you’re not sure when the previous owners of your home replaced the roof, the clock may be ticking on your roof and on your insurance policy. If your policy is suspended, your mortgage lender might respond by purchasing a much more expensive policy and then passing the extra costs on to you.

3. Roof Replacement Opens the Door to a Modern, Beautiful, High-Performing Roof

When you’ve seen one roof, you’ve seen them all, right? Well, yes and no.

Everybody knows the basics about a shingle roof. Even among shingle roofs, though, there are some distinct differences. Over the last few years, roofs with higher reflectivity have helped homeowners reduce their power consumption. Likewise, today’s shingle roofs are much more eco-friendly.

But even if you’ve always stuck with a reliable shingle roof, there are lots of other options. More and more Floridians are choosing residential metal roofing for their next roof. Not only does it look great, but it also helps you stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by diverting solar radiation.

Reflecting nearly 50% of the sun’s rays, a metal roof has a correspondingly powerful effect on energy use within the home. And unlike a shingle roof, metal roofs can be expected to last 40 to 50 years if maintained properly. Damage is also fast and easy to repair when you have metal roofing.

Another popular choice is the tile roof.

Tile roofing comes in the form of clay and concrete. They are difficult to install, so you need help from experienced experts. But once they are in place, they offer outstanding benefits. In fact, they have the potential to be the longest-lasting Central Florida roofs out there.

Clay tile roofs are beloved by fans of the Spanish mission style you can find further south here in the Sunshine State. They typically come in their natural reddish color, which changes only a little bit over time due to fading. They can last an astonishingly long time, as much as a century.

Concrete tiles are heavier, so not all buildings can bear the extra weight. But if your home is prepared for them, they can equip you with the most beautiful roof in town. They last just as long as clay, and damaged tiles can be replaced individually. Having to replace the whole roof is nearly unheard of.

These are just a few common choices. There are other options, such as a flat roof, that you can only get when you’re doing full roof replacement. Another perk of replacement is that your roofer can verify the roof has modern wind mitigation features, which make a big difference during a hurricane.

4. Sometimes, Roof Repair Just Isn’t Enough

There are other things besides wind mitigation that you can really only do when you’re switching from one roof to another. For instance, the waterproof membrane that sits under the shingle layer – called the underlayment – is inaccessible through most of the life of a shingle roof.

If damage spreads beyond the top layer of a shingle roofing system, then you’ll almost certainly need to replace the whole roof. That includes the underlayment, which may have outdated materials. A modern underlayment is much stronger, more resilient, and better for the environment.

In the worst-case scenario, water penetrates all the way through to the structural elements of the roof. You may need to do water damage or mold remediation work on the structure itself before a new roof can be placed. Luckily, this is rare. Replacing your roof proactively empowers you to head the issue off.

Roof repair often fails if a roof is behind on its maintenance and then gets hit by a heavy storm. You can go from no visible problems at all to more than a dozen leaks throughout the house. When several leaks show up, it suggests widespread rot from previous water intrusion or pests, so replacement is essential.

Three Situations Where Roof Repair Can Be a Smart Move

At Sheegog Contracting, we’ll never pressure you to buy anything you don’t need. The simple fact of the matter is that not all roof problems require replacement. There are some situations where a quick and simple repair can get a roof right back on track. Here are three of those scenarios:

1. Roof Repair Can Be a Sound Short-Term Solution if Damage Is Confined to the Upper Layers

Roof repair works out well in situations where the damage is mild and contained.

For example, it’s not unusual for Central Florida to have a few days of overnight frost, where hail is possible. A direct strike from hail can punch through a shingle, weakening it. The darkened spot that is left behind works just like a bruise on fruit, leaving a soft area water can easily seep through.

When you only need a few shingles replaced, roof repair is the way to go. But it is crucial to get it done before another weather event worsens the situation. That same weakened shingle creates an opening that can destroy a dozen shingles around it if heavy rain rolls in on top of it.

2. Roof Repair Can Be Recommended for Some Non-Shingle Roof Types

While shingle remains the most popular roof in Central Florida, residential metal roofs and tile roofs are both making inroads. Both these roofs are made up of much larger planes of material than shingle roofs.

With that in mind, they totally change the equation on the question of roof repair vs. roof replacement.

It’s virtually unheard of to have to fully replace a high-quality metal roof. Even the screws and fasteners, a traditional weak point in all roofing systems, can be adequately protected from severe weather with the “standing seam” metal roof design. Repair is constrained to only the metal panels with serious damage.

Sometimes, panels can be hammered back into their original shape. In most cases, damaged panels should be replaced with new panels with identical dimensions. Likewise, a cracked roofing tile can be replaced without disturbing any of the tiles around it.

3. Roof Repair May Buy You Time to Plan for Your Roof Replacement

If storm season has passed and you just need a little more time to schedule your roof replacement, you can keep your roof safe and sound for at least a few months with roof repair. Sometimes, this makes it easier to shoulder the investment in an all-new roof.

At Sheegog Contracting, we don’t want you to feel like you have to put off the best decision for your home. If you’ve got a decaying roof and a limited budget, we can help you with new roof financing.

Thanks to our proven process, your old roof will be removed and your new one in place in a matter of just a few days. We pride ourselves on treating your property with respect and minimizing disruption. You’ll be astonished at just how quick and easy roof replacement can be with an experienced team.

Whether It’s Time for Roof Repair or Replacement, Sheegog Contracting Is on Your Side

With years of experience and hundreds of happy customers all throughout Central Florida, Sheegog Contracting is the name you can trust for your roofing project. We’ll be glad to advise you on repair versus replacement. Contact us today to find out more or get started.


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