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Roofing Damage Insurance Claims

Anyone with a homeowners insurance policy and who is in need of a roofing repair is likely to ask the question of whether the needed repair will be covered. Do homeowners insurance claims apply to roof repairs or full roof replacement?
The answer is “it depends.” Read on below to find out how most insurance policies work in regard to roof damage.

Sudden, Accidental Damage Is Usually Covered
Few homeowners policies are going to cover damage resulting simply from ordinary wear and tear or lack of roof maintenance. That’s why getting regular roof inspections and making minor repairs without delay – before they turn into bigger ones, is so crucial.

But your policy likely covers damage due to various “perils” and weather events. This may include hail, wind, fire, and falling branches, for example. However, some policies have windstorm and hail exclusions, so you need to check your policy’s details to find out for sure.

Note that if your garage is attached to your home, it will be covered under your “main dwelling” component of your homeowners insurance. If you have detached structure coverage, then that would cover roof damage to a detached garage or shed. Also, personal property coverage will reimburse you for loss of property damaged inside your home, garage, or shed due to a covered peril.

Finally, you can expect anything from minor repairs to full roof replacement to qualify for valid insurance claims, so long as the damage is caused by a covered event.

Insurance Claims Require A Professional Contractor
In order for you to receive compensation through your home insurance policy for roof damage repairs, a professional roofer will have to do the job. Insurers want to make sure the work is done right and will not result in further damage or the need for a re-repair.

That’s why DIY roofing repairs really don’t mix well with home insurance claims.

Also, a good contractor will be able to work directly with your insurer in many instances to speed up and simplify the claims process.

How Much Will My Roof Repair Cost?
Obviously, roof repair vary greatly in cost depending on the extent and nature of the damage. Your home insurance claims can reduce the cost, or in some cases, cover them 100%.

You may have to meet a deductible first, and your policy no doubt has a coverage limit. The only way to know for sure how this will work out is to read your policy details and compare it with a roof repair estimate from a professional, local contractor.

If you are thinking about filing insurance claims on your damaged roof, these are the basic facts you need to know. Talk to your insurer about it, and also get a quote from a reliable, local roofing company.

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