Roofing Your New Addition

It can be quite exciting to add an addition to your home to create an extra bedroom or more storage space. But when you do, be sure you rely on professional, local roofing contractors to take care of the roofing part of the project.
After all, it’s the roof that protects everything else the lies below it, and you can’t afford to risk having a roof leak damage your brand new room!

Integrating Your Old Roofing & New Roofing
Adding a new room to your home will increase its value to you and its market value should you ever choose to list it. But a well built and shingled roof atop your new space is a must if you want to maximum boost in property value.

Whether you are adding a screened-in porch, a sunroom, a bedroom, a dormer, or something else – continuity and integration are key when it comes to the roofing aspect. You don’t want it to be too obvious to onlookers that a certain part of the house was added on. The visual continuity of the new roof with the old roof goes a long way toward preventing that from happening.

Many times, a single-slope roof will be attached to your existing home, connecting at some high point and gradually sloping downwards over your new addition from there. Other times, a gable roof may be attached to add visual interest. And if you add dormers, these will involve miniature gable roofs that project out from the side of the main roof.

Whatever roof-type you choose, it needs to shed water properly and be covered with a full roofing system. That means a roof deck, felt underlayment, high-quality shingles, and flashing and drip edge where needed.

This May Be A Good Time For Roof Replacement
Oftentimes, when you put a new addition on your house, that’s a good time to consider full roof replacement as well. First of all, it may be nearing the time when your old roof needs to be replaced anyway – so why not take care of it at the same time as your other project (the addition)?

Also, it’s nice if the roofing covering your home is all the same age. Otherwise, it may not perfectly match due to fading caused by the hot Florida sun. Plus, you would eventually face the prospect of replacing the roofing on your home piecemeal since it would not all be “on the same schedule.”

Having a fully matched, well-integrated roofing system covering both your original home and any and all additions will tend to further boost your home’s resale value and its overall curb appeal.

If you are planning a new addition to your home that will need to be roofed and/or are considering full roof replacement, contact Sheegog Contracting today to discuss your plans or for a free quote. We have been serving the Central Florida Area for many years and can assist you with all of your roofing needs!


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