Should a New Roof Be On Your Wish List? Signs It’s Time For a Replacement

Ho, ho, ho, Merry … Roofmas?

If you think way back to last year, we talked about just how important it is for you to have a strong roof before your annual visit from Santa Claus. Thanks to the magic of Christmas, it really is possible for Santa, his sleigh, reindeer, and presents to all fit up on your roof. But it sure helps if the roof is strong and new!

Of course, Ol’ St. Nick will probably be okay one way or another. But you and your family could still benefit from a new roof. And the winter season is the best time to get it done. Lower temperatures mean your local Central Florida roofing contractor can actually have the job finished even faster than during the summer.

How does that work? Well, it all comes down to climate. It’s usually around 30 degrees hotter on your roof than it is at ground level. The cooler the outside temperature, the better. In the warm season, it’s crucial for a roofer to take a break during the hottest part of the day. That’s not always necessary in the winter.

So, it’s a good time to consider roof replacement in Central Florida.

But it all depends on the status of your current roof.

Your Roof May Be Weaker Than You Think – The Signs Can Be Subtle

Most Central Florida homeowners stick with shingle roofs. Shingle roofing is convenient, reliable, and easy to care for. When you need a roof repair, the job can be done quickly and usually at a modest price. We’ll focus on shingle roofing for this post, but bear in mind other kinds of Central Florida roofing may need replacing, too.

Here are some signs your roof needs replacement:

Your Roof Is More Than 10 Years Old

Of all the different kinds of roofing in Central Florida, shingle roofing has the shortest lifespan. While many roof system manufacturers claim their products will last for 30 years, the average is closer to 15 years. This is largely because of the effects of high summer heat on your roofing shingles.

What’s more, insurance companies are searching high and low for reasons to cancel policies here in Florida. A common complaint is that the roof is “too old.” How old is too old? Unfortunately, many companies seem to have settled on a cutoff point of just ten years, meaning three roof replacements in the life of a mortgage.

With that in mind, it makes sense to get out ahead of an aging roof before it can cause you serious problems. If you hold a conventional mortgage with a bank, getting your homeowner’s insurance canceled is bad news. The bank may have to intervene by buying a much more expensive policy and passing the costs on to you.

If your roof is ten or older, it’s time to talk to a roofing contractor in Central Florida.

Your Attic Has Been Used for Storage

The attic might seem like a lot of wasted space, but it’s a necessary part of maintaining the integrity of the roof. When the attic is used for storage, it can actually lead to unintended consequences. That’s especially true in the summer months. The reason has to do with the natural cycling of air through your structure.

Generally, warm air rises and escapes from a structure through the roof. If this cycle is interrupted at any point, the warm air gets trapped, and stifling heat is the result. This is most likely to happen around the attic. If the attic is full of “stuff,” then it won’t be sufficiently ventilated for warm air to escape.

Naturally, that warm air eventually does get out. But what happens if it’s trapped during the hottest part of the day? That heat can cook the underside of your shingles – literally. The shingles become soft and weak just like bruised fruit. You can’t see the damage from the outside, but the odds of a roof leak massively increase.

You’ve Got Missing Roof Shingles

Usually, missing shingles means you need Central Florida roof repair. A shingle roof is repaired by pulling off any cracked or softened shingles and replacing them with new ones. However, if your roof has been through several cycles of repair, it might be time to invest in a new roof. That’s especially true if the cost of repair is rising.

Missing roof shingles should be replaced as soon as possible. Along the way, your local roofing contractor can get a sense of the overall well-being of the roof. Sometimes, a roof might have a good five years or more left. Other times, it’ll save you money to get your roof replacement done ahead of an even bigger problem.

Curling shingles are another sign of heat or storm damage that can suggest underlying roof weakness.

You’ve Got Missing Roof Granules

Granules? What? Yes, this issue is a lot less noticeable than missing shingles, but it can still be telling. Almost all modern roof shingles come with integrated reflective granules. They reflect part of the incoming solar radiation so you end up staying warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while running your air conditioner less.

Your roof can certainly survive without its granules, but missing granules often point to a bigger problem. For instance, “baked” shingles as described above will usually shed most of their granules. If you notice there are lots of granules clogging your gutter, odds are good there’s a deeper systemic problem that needs help.

What Does It Take to Get a Roof Replaced in Central Florida?

Santa Claus can’t bring you a new roof, but you can prioritize your finances for the project and the experts at Sheegog Contracting will make it as simple as possible. Our years of experience mean we can get the job done fast and right. Our ability to estimate the work accurately and source premium materials at a discount ensures there are never any surprises.

Here’s our approach:

The Meeting

Your project manager will meet with you to understand the project, your needs, and your budget.

The Scope

We’ll survey your property and work with you to select the right design and materials for the project.

The Plan

We’ll develop and present a clear, written plan for your roofing project so you can make an informed choice.

The Project

We stay in communication with you through your dedicated project manager for the entire project duration.

The Follow-Through

After the work, we perform a thorough site inspection and remove all debris, then follow up for feedback.

Roof replacement in Central Florida is a big job, but we can get it done fast. In some cases, roof replacement takes only one day of effort – from dawn to dusk. Almost all engagements are completed within three days. You’ll remain in your property throughout and we’ll minimize disruption as much as we can.

Contact us to find out more or get started with a roof replacement.


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