Take Care Of Your Roof To Extend Its Life

Your roofing may have an official 20 or 25 year life expectancy, but how your roof is treated over the years will determine whether it outlives or under-lives that number. Good roof maintenance will help you get the longest possible use out of your roofing before it’s time to replace it.
Here are 7 ideas on how to take good care of your roof so it will last as long as possible:

1. Regular Roof Inspections
You should do a visual roof inspection from the ground twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Just walk around the building and look for signs of roof damage or aging like fallen or dangling shingles, out of place drip edge or flashing, or bubbled or blown up shingle ends.

Also, schedule a professional roof inspection at least once a year. A roofing contractor may notice damage that you overlooked and can do a full inspection from the rooftop.

2. Be On The Lookout For Leaks
If there’s an obvious leak, waste no time in calling in a local contractor for a roof repair job. If it’s an emergency roof repair, most contractors will respond quickly instead of putting you on a waiting list.

But also look for faintly yellowed or darkened spots on your ceilings and for mold, mildew, or dampness on the attic ceiling (or elsewhere). Catching these more subtle signs of a slow leak can help you locate and eliminate leaks that would otherwise go unnoticed.

3. Keep Your Roof & Gutters Clean
Gutters clogged up with leaves and debris can cause water to back up during a storm, which can ultimately rot out your fascia boards and/or cause a leak. It’s especially important for gutters to be clean just before hurricane season or stormy weather hits.

Trimming back overhanging tree branches and sweeping loose debris off your roof are also important. If you don’t feel comfortable getting on the roof yourself, hire someone else to do the sweeping.

4. Reseal Cracked Caulk
Florida’s extreme heat can cause even the best roofing caulk to shrink and crack. It needs to be resealed without delay.

Areas around chimneys, vents, flashing, dormers, and rake walls should all be checked. Anywhere where roofing tar, caulk, or cement was used is due for a periodic “sealant inspection”.

5. Be Prepared To Combat Algae
If your roofing is turning green due to algae accumulation – or due to moss or mold growing on it, this must be stopped before it badly weakens the shingles.

The growth can be scrubbed off or killed off with bleach. Then, installation of zinc/lead control strips may be able to prevent excessive regrowth in the future.

6. Improve Your Attic
The condition of your attic has a significant impact on the condition of your roof. Better attic insulation and ventilation keeps roof shingles a bit cooler and slows down deterioration due to heat exposure. This is particularly important in a sunny state like Florida.

7. Make Sure It’s Covered!
Ensure that your homeowner’s insurance policy covers roof damage so you don’t have to 100% pay out of pocket for all repairs (and eventually, for a new roof.) Also, take the time to examine your manufacturer’s warranty on your roofing material.

For more pertinent advice on taking great care of your roofing, or for assistance with a roof repair or roof replacement need, contact Sheegog Contracting in Central Florida today!


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