The 2 Most Common Roof Types In Central Florida

When you’re doing a roof replacement in Central Florida, there are plenty of different considerations.

Because of the recent property insurance crisis in Florida, more homeowners are opting for a complete roof replacement instead of roof repair. This is especially true after severe storm damage.

Insurers are now exercising their prerogative to revoke homeowners’ insurance policies more than they ever did before. One of the most common justifications they deliver for this is the age of the roof. While a shingle roof can often last 20 years or more, this is no longer acceptable to many insurers.

Even with no damage to the roof, homeowners have found themselves forced to repair or upgrade it after ten or even just five years. At the same time, many Floridians also update their roof to make a home more attractive to potential buyers.

This is an effective strategy since no one wants to purchase a home only to have to invest in an all-new roof in a few years. Real estate agents often advise would-be sellers to choose a new roof that matches the styles and colors already common in the local area.

So, what roof types are most common in Central Florida?

Let’s take a closer look.

The Most Common Roofing Design in Florida: The Hip Roof

A hip roof (also called a hipped roof) is one where all the edges of the roof slope downward from its highest point. Because the hip roof has no vertical ends, it is at an advantage when it comes to the movement of precipitation away from the roof and onto the ground.

In roofing circles, the hip roof is common throughout the entire United States. It is not only the most common roof in Central Florida but is also frequently seen in New England and across much of both coastlines. Initial construction tends to be more costly than a gable roof.

If a hip roof is more expensive, why is it chosen so frequently for new construction? It’s helpful to have a design that ensures snow, sleet, and hail will run easily off the roof. Even though those issues are rare to nonexistent in Central Florida, a hip roof still prevents water from accumulating.

It is also more sound under high wind conditions. That can make a tremendous difference when you are looking for ways to windproof your home. A hip roof combined with modern storm shutters and various other precautions has the best chance of withstanding heavy winds without incident.

Last but not least, the hip roof is convenient because the gutters are uniform. It’s essential to ensure your gutters are flowing freely as much as possible. Uniform gutter placement helps with maintenance and enhances the gutter’s performance so water doesn’t seep into the foot of the building.

A Very Common Alternative: The Gable Roof

In the world of Central Florida roofing, the gable roof is the second most common selection. It’s great for homeowners and Central Florida roofing contractors alike because it is less expensive and takes less work to complete. There are some other useful benefits that may tip the scale in its favor, too.

First and foremost, the gable roof provides more attic space than the hip roof. While roofing pros will always caution you not to fill up your attic with boxes, it is still nice to have the space. Using all that space, you have the potential to save more money on cooling through superior ventilation.

With gable roofing, you have the opportunity to install gable vents. Gable vents take advantage of the unique shape and properties of the roof to integrate more ventilation. A gable fan can improve airflow even more. This prevents warm air from getting trapped and makes air conditioning more efficient.

The main reason the gable roof isn’t the most popular in Florida is the danger of high winds. Florida roofing must be ready for anything, and gable roofs are more prone to wind damage than hip roofs.

Hire a Central Florida Roofing Team You Can Rely On

No matter which roofing style you choose, the most common roofing material in Central Florida is the shingle roof. Shingles are easy to maintain and repair. With annual inspections, a shingle roof is highly reliable even in rough weather. But it all depends on using the right Central Florida roofing contractor.

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