The 5 Most Important Roof Replacement Tips

When you need a new roof, it’s no time to delay – new roofing ranks among the most urgent of home maintenance and improvement needs. But aside from moving quickly to get it done, you also want to ensure that the project is done right.

There is nothing like experience to help you guide you in making the best possible decisions in regard to roof replacement. Top sources of the “voice of experience” in regard to new roofing include your local roof contractor, online reviews, and past customers who’ve already done it before.

Below, we will look at some of the top tips that those experienced in re-roofing projects bring up, again and again, to help you avoid pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities.

1. Never Roof Over – It’s Not Worth It!

Roof replacement should be just that – replacement of the old shingles with new ones, not covering them up. In years gone by, “roofing over” old layers of shingles was not uncommon, but today, it’s seldom done – and for good reasons.

First of all, when you roof over, the old layer of shingles will “telegraph” its imperfections to the layer above it. Who wants a brand new roof to look old already with creases, bubbles, and waves popping up? By contrast, when you re-roof, you remove the source of those surface irregularities by stripping down to the roof deck.

Secondly, having multiple layers of shingles on your roof adds greatly to the weight load that the roof structure must carry. This can be rough on the framing, especially with older homes. 

Third, you don’t really save money by roofing over but only delay spending it. Ultimately, the roofing will have to be replaced again, and at that time, you will have to pay extra to have two or more layers of shingles taken off and disposed of.

2. Don’t Wait Too Long On Roof Replacement

Delaying roof replacement too long is rife with dangers. Once roofing is past its useful life span, leaks are likely to occur with intolerable frequency. Shingles may also blow off with ease in a storm or come loose and slide off on a windy day.

True, you don’t want to replace a roof too soon. You want to get the full benefit out of your roofing. But waiting too long is a much bigger problem.

Having a roof inspection done by a professional contractor each year will help you keep tabs on your roof’s condition so that roof replacement can be timed properly – and not be a surprise when it finally comes.

3. Take Time In Selecting The New Materials

Another key tip is to take some time to seriously research which roofing materials will best meet your expectations and fit your budget.

There are many different types of roofing, including three-tab asphalt shingles, dimensional asphalt, clay tiles, metal sheeting, wood shakes, concrete slabs, and more. Each material has its own set of pros and cons, so don’t be afraid to consult with an experienced roofer to learn more about each material’s strengths and weaknesses.

Also, talk to a professional about “peripheral” materials like felt underlayment (a second water barrier), drip edge, adhesive water barriers for the roof valleys, quality flashing, and roof cement. These elements are very important for forming a complete and effective roofing system.

4. Strategically Schedule Full Roof Replacement

Timing is important for roof replacement not only in the sense of not delaying it too long but also in regard to scheduling it well. 

Most people won’t want re-roofing going at their home during the holidays or while they are entertaining guests, for example. You might want to be home while it’s going on – at least the first day, so that may mean commencing on a weekend or a particular day of the week when you are off work.

Sometimes, you can get seasonal discounts if you schedule for non-peak parts of the year. Or you may want to consider doing roof replacement while the kids are off at school during the day instead of during a school break period. Finally, take note of the weather forecasts and schedule early to get the ideal day!

5. Choose Your Roofing Contractor Wisely!

Not all roofing contractors are created equal. Find a local roofing company with a sterling local reputation that you know you can count on.

It pays to take a look at examples of the company’s past work and to talk to people who’ve used that company in the past. BBB and other professional ratings may help give you an idea of who to trust, and online reviews may also be helpful.

Remember that roof replacement is something you probably will only do every 20 to 25 years at most if you continue to live in the same house. And it is extremely critical to the value, safety, and functionality of your home that roof replacement be done right – so it only makes sense to choose your contractor with care.

When undertaking a major project like full roof replacement, you want to get all the helpful advice that you can. These are just five of the most important tips to help you learn from the experience of others.

To learn more tips and get additional helpful information, feel free to contact Sheegog Contracting in Central Florida today! We can answer all of your questions related to roof replacement or roof repair and give you a free, no-obligation estimate.


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