The Dangers Of Attempting DIY Roof Repairs

When your roof begins to leak, you notice a few shingles blown off and lying in your yard, or a portion of your roofing gets pummelled by a hailstorm, you may be tempted to attempt a DIY roof repair.
But that may not always be the best approach. Professional roofing contractors have expertise that the average homeowner usually lacks – and there are many dangers of DIY roof repair.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it makes more sense for most people to contact help rather than just tackle roofing problems on their own.

1. You Could Misdiagnose The Problem
There are many different causes of roof problems and various types of roof repair needs. It’s not always easy for someone inexperienced in roofing to even diagnose the problem correctly, much less to know how to best fix it. But roofers deal with all manner of roofing damage every day and know how to find the source of the issue fast.

2. You Might Further Damage Your Roof
One of the biggest dangers of DIY roofing by the inexperienced is that you could easily further damage your roof in the process of trying to repair it. For example – walking on hot shingles can tear them and scrape off the surface granules, taking up shingles may result in damaging adjacent ones, and putting a nail in the wrong part of roofing flashing can lead to a leak.

3. It’s Easy To Injure Yourself During A Roof Repair
The most important reason to opt for a professional contractor to handle your roof repair job, however, doesn’t concern your roof at all. It has to do with safety. Just walking on a rooftop is risky if you aren’t used to it, especially with steep-pitched roofs. And then there are also the dangers of tripping over roof vents, falling off a ladder, or of accidentally touching a power line.

4. DIY Repairs Can Waste Time & Money
DIY roofing often leads to multiple attempts to fix a leak or other roofing problem, which eats up time, effort, and money for materials. And that doesn’t even take into account the frustration factor. Plus, a roofing repair likely won’t be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy if you do it yourself.

Finally, when you have a lot of false starts, which equals delays on actually fixing the problem, roof leaks have more time to get in and damage your home’s interior.

5. You Want To “Pick The Roofer’s Brain”
Good roofing advice is as valuable as the roof repair itself. When you rely on a pro to fix your roof, you also get the chance to “pick your roofer’s brain” to get answers to all of your questions about your roof. And the roofer himself may notice other problems or issues that may need to be addressed either now or at a later date.

While a few homeowners may have the background to tackle roof problems on their own, most are far better off relying on a professional roofer to do it for them. If you are looking for timely roof repairs or roof replacement in the Central Florida Area, feel free to contact Sheegog Contracting today for a free quote. (We also do emergency repairs, so don’t hesitate to tell us if the problem can’t wait.)


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