The Future Of Solar Energy

Across a five-year period between 2008 and 2013, the average cost of solar panels plummeted by 50%, and the cost may be cut in half again by 2020. Panels are appearing on homes all across Florida and the whole US at an amazing rate – and today’s home solar production is more efficient than ever.
By all indications, the future of solar is “bright” (pun intended). But what exactly is fueling this rapidly growing industry?

Solar Power Is Renewable & Available In Limitless Quantities
The environmental consciousness of many Floridians virtually guarantees that solar energy will continue to be popular throughout The Sunshine State for the foreseeable future.

Aside from the fossil fuel consumption necessary to manufacture the panels and equipment, there is virtually zero non-renewable energy usage involved. Solar is as clean, “free,” endlessly available, and environmentally friendly as you can get.

Solar Panels Save You Money & Bring Energy Independence
Want to get the most out of your roof? One of the best ways to do it is via solar installation on your rooftop.

Install enough solar panels and the right kind – plus face them in the ideal direction on the sunniest areas of your roof, and you can generate enough power to eliminate your electric bill. You could even overproduce and then sell back the excess electricity to the utility company so that you make a profit off them instead of the other way around.

Another benefit, however, is simply the fact that your home is now energy independent. Not depending on someone else for your power is a truly liberating experience.

Solar Installation Is Affordable To Most Homeowners
Solar technology has advanced even as prices have dropped. And it costs less than before for solar installation services as well. But that’s not all. There are many financing options and discounts that help ordinary homeowners afford top-tier solar power now instead of saving up for it for years on end.

There is a federal solar tax credit of 30%. And there are state and local incentives and rebates as well. Plus, you can either lease your solar panels, “rent to own,” or get a solar loan on them to own them immediately. These plans are very affordable, and it is even possible to use a home equity loan or to simply combine the cost of solar installation with your regular mortgage payment.

Solar panels will raise the property value of your home and be an incentive to buyers should you ever list your home, and in the meantime, you save on monthly power bills AND on solar system equipment and installation. No wonder solar energy is making such amazing strides!

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