The Top 10 Causes Of Roof Damage In Florida

In Central Florida, good roofing is as essential to your home’s well being as in any other part of the country. While there are ways to reduce the likelihood of roof damage, sooner or later, you’re going to need a roof repair.
A professional roofing contractor can diagnose the exact cause or your roof problem and fix it fast. But it still helps for homeowners to be aware of the most common causes of roof damage so they can do everything possible to prevent it and get any needful roof repair promptly.

Here are the top ten causes of serious roof damage in Florida that might require a roof repair.

1. Storm & Wind Damage
High wind resistance shingles will stand up stronger and longer against stiff Florida winds, but wind can still eventually have an impact. Wind damage may blow shingles off, bend them over, or loosen them. It can also cause overhanging tree branches to sway and scratch your roof. During a storm, wind damage becomes very likely, especially if it’s a hurricane or if wind speeds reach 50 mph or higher.

2. Water & Moisture Damage
A driving rain often travels sideways or upwards against your roof shingles or otherwise finds an opening. Areas around vents and chimneys or in roof valleys are especially vulnerable. And even when no noticeable leak occurs, you could have a slow leak or moisture buildup below the roofing that might weaken the wood of the roof deck.

3. Excessive Summer Heat
High-grade shingles have better heat tolerance than low-grade ones, but it can be challenging for any shingle in The Sunshine State. Frequent temperature fluctuations, asphalt melt, structural compromise due to heat exposure, shingles getting stuck to the roof deck (if no underlayment intervenes), and lower energy efficiency can all result when high heat affects asphalt roofing shingles.

4. UV Light Exposure
Some roofing shingles are UV-light resistant, but otherwise, your roofing can gradually fade in color and diminish in strength after years of exposure to intense ultraviolet rays.

5. Excessive Roof Debris
When leaves, sticks, dirt, and other forms of roof debris accumulate on your shingles, it can prevent proper water drainage. This, in turn, may lead to puddling, moisture buildup, and roof decay. Branches and debris can also damage roofing during a windstorm.

6. Backed Up Gutters
Cleaning out your gutters at least once or twice a year is crucial for long-term “roof health.” When gutters back up, water damage may occur to your fascia board and roof eaves. This may eventually lead to a costly roof leak if you don’t get a timely roof repair.

7. Failing Roof Flashing
Flashing, drip edge, and roofing cement help protect your home from roof leaks by sealing the roof at some of its most vulnerable points. When flashing breaks lose or blows off or roof caulk cracks, this extra layer of protection ceases to function properly.

8. Ridge Cap Failure
Your ridge caps get the highest degree of wind exposure of any part of your roof. They often need to be replaced or repaired before the rest of the roofing. Failing to address this issue may lead to a roof leak.

9. Poor Installation
It’s critical to rely on experienced, tested-and-proven roofers when installing new roofing or getting a roof repair done. Correct installation is as important as material-grade when it comes to the longevity of a roofing system.

10. Lack of Maintenance
Roofing needs occasional maintenance like cleaning, annual inspections, and roof repairs. The better you maintain your roofing, the longer it is going to last.

To learn more about what causes roof damage or for immediate help in dealing with a roof repair, contact Sheegog Contracting today in the Central Florida Area!


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